Grinding and waxing: making your ski equipment fit for the slopes

This winter, the chances of a skiing holiday are good – unlike last season. After a long break, some people get their equipment out of the basement – this is how you get them ready for the slopes.

What basically applies before every season makes even more sense this year because of the Corona break: Before the skis are buckled on, they should be checked thoroughly.

Andreas König, safety expert at the German Ski Association (DSV), knows the tricky points: “Do the edges have to be sanded or the base waxed? Some people do this over the summer to preserve their skis. But many forget that.” The way to the specialist dealer is recommended here.

Ski edges are particularly prone to rust. Right now, when the skis have been stored for a long time, there is a hundred percent rust on them, says König. The flooring also needs moisture.

Both serve both safety and driving pleasure. “A waxed ski is faster and can be turned much easier than an unwaxed one. And with sharper edges, I have better grip on the slopes.”

Flawless skis should also be examined

The binding settings must also be checked. “There’s a spring in the front that can get dirty or tire,” says König.

Even if the skis were clean and unused in the basement, the setting value should be checked again after the corona break. “This is the result of various data such as height, weight, age and ability,” explains the safety expert. Something may have happened on some points.

In the case of children, the change is obvious anyway. This also applies to the ski boot. After the compulsory break, the foot has surely grown. This means that some people have new shoes at home that they can no longer use. A visit to a ski bazaar can be worthwhile for sales and new purchases.

“You have to be really knowledgeable about that,” says Andreas König. “Otherwise you’d better go to a specialist retailer and spend a little more money in order to have material that really fits.”

Little things can cause trouble

The rest of the accessories should also be put to the test. The helmet should be replaced every five years anyway. Small things are also important: Do the ski goggles have scratches? Are both gloves still there? Does the zipper on the ski jacket still work?

“For many people they only wake up a day or two before, and then it is usually too late,” says the expert. At the moment there is still a large selection in retail. There are still bargains to be had.

Rental goods must suit the winter sports enthusiast

Occasional skiers in particular like to use rental equipment for their ski equipment. You should make sure that the rental company asks the right questions: “How well do you ski? How long do you ski?”, Andreas König enumerates. Age, height and weight are important for the settings. If you come with your own ski boot, you have to make sure that the sole and binding match.

Not only the material has to be in good condition

“What applies to the material also applies to people,” says König. Some people may not be as fit as they think they are after the lockdown break. It makes sense to prepare for the ski vacation.

“Clubs offer ski gymnastics, you can go to the gym or download one or the other app,” says the expert. And: especially for children, it could be worthwhile to take a ski instructor by the hour to get started.

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