Groundbreaking ceremony for play and learning location

A public holiday for Nenzing: groundbreaking ceremony for the “Sidlig Family Center”.
©Elke Kager Meyer

“Family Center Sidlig” should be available for occupancy in February 2024

As early as autumn 2019, a decision in principle was made by the municipal council for the new “Sidlig Family Center”. Corona and the skyrocketing construction prices delayed the start of construction. Now the time had come and Mayor Florian Kasseroler, Vice Herbert Greußing, Gerlinde Sammer and Heidi Buttazoni as coordinators for kindergarten and school, representatives of the political factions and the architects Christian Schmölz and Roland Stemmer were able to break ground together with kindergarten director Vanessa Tomasini and their colleagues .

Building family-friendly for the future

“It’s supposed to be a children’s house. It should be a place to play and learn”, explained Gerlinde Sammer the pedagogical concept: Children from 18 months to six years can move freely in the rooms and find, for example, in the sensory oasis, in the creative or in the building and construction room, in the Exercise and movement room or in the retreat rooms room for development. In addition, “Sidlig Family Center” should also offer opportunities for advice and education for parents. “We want to think ‘out of the box’ and wish that the opportunity to help shape things is also interesting for potential employees,” Gerlinde Sammer hopes that the new center will make Nenzing even more attractive as an employer.

In his planning, Christian Schmölz was looking for an optimal intersection of all requirements on the one hand, and at the same time he wanted to “preserve the poetic effect of the existing trees on the property”. Technically, the building plays all the pieces, and great importance was also attached to ecology. Due to the sharp rise in construction prices, the market community, but also the state as sponsors, have to dig deeper into their pockets than initially estimated: the cost estimate is 9 million.

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