Grounded launches its new update “The Bugs Strike Back”

Available in preview since July 2020, Grounded continues to receive content regularly. Today, Obsidian’s game welcomes a new update that should give you a hard time.

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The Insects strike back now

Dubbed “Bugs Strike Back”, this update features three new defense modes in which bugs are more dangerous than ever. You will have new tools to exterminate them and it will also be possible to improve your armor and choose a permanent bonus to help you overcome enemies.

A cloud of dust, turrets and explosive traps can also help you in your task.

Players have had fun exploring the garden since the game launched in Early Access and have been slaying lots and lots and lots of bugs. But the latter can no longer take it and have decided not to let it go.

This update also brings several features requested by the community, such as the possibility of renaming all the boxes in which you keep your objects or even to get rid of the piles of objects that a “friend” has thrown in the garden in you “helping” to weed. You can find more details in the video below.

These novelties are to be discovered now. Remember that the game is playable now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and in Early Access on Steam. It is also available in the Xbox Game Pass.

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