Group order: Samsung OLED TV + Atmos soundbar at a bargain price!

There are sometimes great opportunities that arise and this Samsung OLED TV group order is clearly one of them! Today we offer you a simply incredible offer so that you can enjoy a Samsung OLED 2022 TV + a Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar at an unbeatable price.

Samsung OLED TVs + Atmos Sound Bar in Bulk Order Xboxygen!

At Xboxygen, we’ve always loved tech, and we’ve been sharing our passion with you for over 15 years. With our expertise in choosing the best equipment to play, we offer you a new Group Order to take advantage of the latest models from Samsung which is launching OLED, all at a knockdown price found nowhere else.

This is the third Group Order that we are launching, and the first to include a TV + Dolby Atmos soundbar pack in order to benefit from quality sound rendering in addition to high-end visual rendering.

Two models are offered here: the 55-inch OLED model and the 65-inch of the new Samsung S95 range which benefits from QD OLED panels. The latter offer a wider color space and better viewing angles, all with the striking contrast of OLED that we already know. This TV model also has an excellent anti-glare filter and will be compatible with the Xbox Game Pass app from the end of June.

The Dolby Atmos soundbar included in this offer outstanding is the HW-Q60B. It’s a 340W 3.1 soundbar that was released in April 2022 and supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X. You can also use Bluetooth to connect the soundbar to your TV wirelessly and use a single remote to control both devices.

How to place an order and take advantage of the best Black Friday TV prices?

By making a price request, you agree not to disclose the prices offered as part of this group order. Please only request a quote if you are genuinely interested in purchasing a product. For the sake of confidentiality, it is only possible to make a single request (a single TV size).

  • 1. Complete the form below with the desired model and your information.
  • 2. An email will be sent to you within hours with the price of the desired TV model. Please do not disclose this price.
  • 3. Confirm your wish to order by replying to the email.
  • 4. This information will then be sent to our partner and you will receive your order form by email.
  • 5. To validate this order, you must pay a deposit of 20% of the total amount by credit card via a secure payment link.
  • 6. Delivery times are around two weeks. Once the product is available, you will be contacted by the store. The payment of the balance will be made before the shipment of the TV.

In addition to a price already reduced compared to what you can find in stores or on the Internet, the models we offer here also benefit from a particularly aggressive refund offer from Samsung, which is why we have chosen for you this unbeatable offer. You save, for example, an additional €1,000 on the purchase of the 65-inch S95B model with the soundbar. The refund offer (ODR) is accessible on this page and the price details are specified to you by email when you wish to order. The Samsung OLED TV Bulk Order offer is valid from June 22 to July 25, 2022 on Xboxygen.

Answers to Bulk Order Questions

Why are the prices so low?

As their name suggests, bulk orders allow you to negotiate low prices thanks to the quantities ordered. By buying several TVs of the same model, we can negotiate very advantageous prices and pass them on to you. The prices are therefore lower than the prices you will find in stores, including when you come across an online promotion.

These prices are confidential and must not be made public. The agreement concluded between Xboxygen and the manufacturers allows us to make you benefit from these very special rates. Samsung’s money back offer is particularly attractive here and brings the price down to a really low price, which is why we are bringing you this unique offer.

To place an order, simply fill out the form and follow the instructions provided by email.

Is Bulk Order reliable?

When you learn about the prices of the different models, you will certainly be surprised to see that it is much lower than what you are used to seeing, even more so with the Dolby Atmos soundbar included. However, it is indeed an official and perfectly reliable offer. We personally benefited from it at Xboxygen on a TV model in 2017 and were perfectly satisfied with the service provided by our partner. The latter is also the same as during our two previous group orders in which you may have already participated. Rest assured of the quality of service.

The products will be new, identical in all respects to the products marketed in France, and benefit from a 2-year home warranty provided by the brand. An optional guarantee of 3 additional years (i.e. 5 years in total) is possible if you wish. You will have the opportunity to subscribe to it when you order.

When will the TVs be delivered?

Standard delivery times are around two weeks, but products are generally sent faster, sometimes the day after your order. Once the product is available, you will be contacted by the store. The payment of the balance will be made before the shipment of the TV.

Delivery can be made in Metropolitan France, Corsica included.

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