GTA 6: attempted extortion, sale of GTA 5 code, deletion of accounts and images… Update on the evolution of leaks!

Game News GTA 6: attempted extortion, sale of GTA 5 code, deletion of accounts and images… Update on the evolution of leaks!

Nine years since GTA V was released and met with absolute success. But the public is now waiting for news of the game called GTA 6, for which until recently there have been only a few serious leaks. So when dozens of videos of a development version are posted online, the Internet is agitated.

Leaks, or leaks, are commonplace in the video game, to the chagrin of the developers, who see their work browsing the web when it is not finished. Often, the consequences are minimal, since it is only a few pieces of information, poor quality images taken over a shoulder, or a few video images. But sometimes the leaks are massive.

GTA 6: massive leak of a hundred gameplay videos!

This is what developers at Rockstar Games obviously had to face yesterday, with the leak of dozens and dozens of videos, offering almost an hour of content based on an old version. of what seems to be Grand Theft Auto VI, running on the previous generation. After tens of minutes of floating, several solid sources, including Jason Schreier, confirmed that the videos were most certainly authenticand that all this would find its origin in the action of a group of hackers, who would also have attacked Uber not long ago.

These published images would also confirm the presence of a duo composed of a young Latina woman and a man, Lucia and Jason on the principle of Bonny & Clyde, evolving in a city resembling Vice City as advertised. The consequences could be enormousand even postpone the release of the title.

The whole was also accompanied by a message implying as other items, such as source codes of GTA 5 and 6pictures and a version of GTA 6, could be released. The files, available for download everywhere, begin to be erased from the networks following rightsholder claims, a sign that someone, possibly the legal department of Rockstar Games or Take 2, is asserting their rights.

The massive leak: a financial motivation for hackers?

After a day of discussions, debates and exchanges, things started to take a whole different twist. A publication on the GTAForum site, posted by the hacker(s), suggests that the motivation behind these massive leaks is pecuniary :

GTA 6: attempted extortion, sale of GTA 5 code, deletion of accounts and images… Update on the evolution of leaks!

Ok, so this all unexpectedly went viral. I woke up with more than 3000 private messages on Telegram (encrypted communication application, editor’s note). If you are an employee of Rockstar or Take 2 and you try to contact me, send me a private message on Telegram (…) or send me an email (…). I’ll try to read this quickly, I’m looking to broker a deal.

The person(s) responsible for these leaks would therefore seek to recover money by threatening Rockstar to release the rest of the material which he has. A few hours later, things changed again, with a message indicating that GTA V source code was for sale with documentation for GTA 6. The RockstarIntel site then spotted a sale, hinting that GTA 5 source code was sold for around $100,000while those responsible for the leaks announced that GTA 6 source code “was no longer for sale”.

Fake accounts, deletion of data, the noose seems to be tightening for hackers

However, things are difficult to trace with precision and certainty. Many fake transactions have taken place on the platforms of cryptocurrencies, and it is impossible to know si it was the hackers who received the money for GTA 5 source code, or if the buyer was scammed. Many fake twitter accounts in the name of the hacker were also created, sowing doubt everywhere.

According to a RockstarIntel member, the hackers’ Telegram account has been deleted, and all accounts in his name would now be fake. Information confirmed by Tom Henderson, who specifies for his part that, according to sources yet to be confirmed, the Telegram account would have been deleted because the location of the pirates would have been found. The GTAForum page was visited by the authors during the night without any post being made.

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