GTA 6: Can we still see the 90 leaked videos of the game?

RockstarGames You are going through a scary time. Around 90 videos of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA 6) have been leaked on social networks. A hacker confirmed to have stolen the source code and claimed responsibility for the cyberattack.

Since then, the same firm that develops the successful videogame saga has confirmed that everything revealed is true.

At the same time they regretted the leaks because they were not yet in their final product.

“An unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded sensitive information from our systems. Among the most relevant were the images of preliminary development”, they stated from Rockstar Games in their official statement.

Despite this painful leak, the company assures that “no interruption in our live gaming services or any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing projects” is not in the plans, that is, the plans continue as they are. they were on schedule.

Can you see the videos of GTA 6?

In the same statement, the company that develops Grand Theft Auto sends a message to the hacker who revealed the video game information. They want to reach an agreement to remove them from the platforms where it is uploaded.

If you are an employee of Rockstar or Take-Two and are trying to contact me, please send me a message containing the number 22559219889638875756 or send me an email with your corporate email address. I will try to read all the answers soon, I am trying to negotiate an agreement, “they detailed.

Some of the GTA 6 leaks can be found on Killazspain’s YouTube channel. Out of respect for Internet users who want to wait for the final product, we only leave them the link and it is your responsibility to access the material.

Despite the nightmare that Rockstar Games experienced, the game’s premiere was not brought forward. The exact release date of the video game is not yet known.

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