GTA 6: characters, weapons, new features… Everything the leak has confirmed

The GTA 6 leak has given us plenty of information about Rockstar’s upcoming game. We take stock of the most notable revelations.

GTA VI ©Rockstar Games

After long years of waiting, GTA 6 has finally been unveiled… by a hacker. The latter has published 90 gameplay videos of the future game. Something to delight impatient players but especially the misfortune of Rockstar. These sequences come from preliminary versions of the title. They are thus far from faithfully reflecting the final result, especially in terms of graphics. However, these numerous videos provide us with a myriad of information, of which here is a summary.

GTA 6: Return to Vice City

It had been whispered for some time that GTA 6 would settle in Vice City. We now have confirmation: Miami with Rockstar sauce will be at the heart of the future blockbuster. Many buildings and signs visible in the leaked videos support this claim. We can notably see the mention VCPD on the police cars (for Vice City Police Department) or the inscription “Vice City Metro” on a train:

Image 2: GTA 6: characters, weapons, new features... Everything the leak has confirmed
GTA VI ©Rockstar Games

GTA 6 will develop into a more contemporary version of the fictional city that could be surveyed in the eponymous game (which was set in the 1980s). More modernity but above all much more space to explore. According to some fans, the map of GTA 6 will be much larger than in the previous opus.

A few familiar places will be back like the Malibu Club and the Ocean View Hotel. We can also mention iconic arteries like Ocean Drive. There will also be islands, industrial areas and rural areas to explore, unwelcoming swamps and a lake being notably on the menu.

GTA 6: two playable characters

As expected, it will be possible to embody two different characters including the first female main character of the franchise. Named Lucia, this woman of Latin origin will be assisted by her accomplice Jason that players can also play. It would obviously be a Bonnie and Clyde couple determined to wreak havoc on the city.

Also according to the leak, it will be possible to customize their appearance. In the videos, we can see Lucia sporting different hairstyles and outfits, proof that this option will be offered. It remains to be seen to what extent we can pimp the characters.

gta 6
GTA VI ©Rockstar Games

GTA 6: weapons and gameplay

To unleash your firepower, you can count on a well-stocked arsenal according to leaked videos. Assault rifle, sniper, shotgun, rocket launcher will be there. It will also be possible to defend yourself with makeshift weapons such as a golf club, a baseball bat or a crowbar.

The non-driving player will be able to sit on a car window to shoot 360 degrees. In the street, he can also fire while crouching or lying down to take cover. He will have plenty of time to walk along the walls but also to crawl and carry an NPC on his back, as in Red Dead Redemption 2.

A new weapon wheel, also inspired by RDR2, will be on the program. Swimming will also still be possible and the user will even be able to shoot underwater (with suitable weapons). In addition, robberies of small businesses will be available. On this occasion, you can threaten the NPCs present and interact with your buddy.

Finally, the search system will always consist of five stars with a notable novelty: if the police see you entering a stolen vehicle, they will search for you at all costs, even after your first disappearance. Likewise, if you enter a vehicle while already wanted, it will be known to law enforcement. It will therefore be necessary to be all the more careful…

If these revelations are good to take, we will have to continue to arm ourselves with patience since GTA 6 should not be released before 2024-2025. However, it is possible that new leaks will appear, with the hacker trying to blackmail Rockstar.

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