GTA 6 in danger? Leaks turn into a nightmare for Rockstar

GTA 6 leaks have been making the rounds, but what impact will they have on the development of the game and Grand Theft Auto Online? We take stock.

Update 09/19 at 3:50 p.m .: Rockstar Games has reacted to the big leaks of GTA 6, promising a presentation of the game as soon as the teams are ready. The studio confirms that the leak comes from an intrusion into their network and promises that it will not have an effect on the development of its games in the “long term”.

The video game industry was shaken on the night of Sunday September 18 by one of the biggest leaks in its history. In total, more than 90 videos of an early version of GTA 6 have circulated on the Web. Rockstar had still not communicated officially, but had begun to act in the shadows to have these compromising videos removed. Internally, developer morale is at rock bottom. For his part, the hacker behind these serious leaks is trying to get in touch with them. He claims to hold not only the source code of GTA 6 but also that of the fifth opus. What consequences could this have on development and Rockstar? Here are some answers.

GTA 6 Hacker Blackmails Rockstar

GTA 6 leaks take a whole different turn. On Sunday evening, the hacker calling himself Tea Pot hit the nail on the head. Whoever hacked Uber last week is determined to extort some money from Rockstar. The interested party has indeed launched an appeal to the developers to contact them, with the firm intention of negotiating a price to keep for him everything he has. This not only includes a playable version of GTA 6, assets and especially the source codes of the game and its predecessor.

The hacker in question said he wanted to auction the source code for GTA 5 and would not accept anything below 5 figures. Hours later, it was listed as for sale on a blockchain site, where it was purchased for $100,000. Bad luck, it was a scam and not a real offer. However, if someone were to actually get their hands on it, it could have dire consequences for Rockstar.

GTA 6 leaker wants Rockstar to ransom

GTA Online could close permanently

It allows you to have access to absolutely all the lines of code, the APIs, the database but also to understand how the Cheat Engine detects people trying to cheat in multiplayer. In the case of GTA 5, if the source code reaches the public, it is GTA Online that could be ruined. This would open the door to cheaters and hackers of all kinds, both on consoles and PC.

The impact would be twofold: for players whose experience would be ruined and who could even expose themselves to viruses or other malware compromising their personal data and their devices; and for Rockstar, which would then lose its biggest livelihood, the GTA$, the game’s microtransactions. It would then be difficult for developers to manage to stop such attacks, because hackers would know exactly how to circumvent the protection systems. The risks being too great, Rockstar could simply have to permanently close GTA Online if such a situation were to occur. If the source code for GTA 6 was also in the wild, it wouldn’t be more glorious.

The development of GTA 6 compromised?

beyond the party online, it’s also all the elements that help shape the single-player game and all the gameplay as a whole that are compromised. In other words, the hacker would hold all the information, all the codes and all the manufacturing secrets necessary to create GTA 6 and its predecessor. If a competitor could buy the source code for GTA 5 or its sequel, then they would be able to reproduce the game, its mechanics and scripts with exactness, whether to create a simple clone or a new franchise.

As an industry developer explains, however, Rockstar may have to completely part ways with all the work done so far on GTA 6 and start the multi-year development process all over again without being able to rely on the Grand Theft Auto 5 code. This would involve new anti-cheat systems, reworked mechanics, engine and much more, and most importantly a postponement of at least 3-6 years. For its part, Rockstar has finally reacted to the leaks and wants to be reassuring. ” Our work on the next GTA will continue as planned and we remain as committed to delivering an experience that truly exceeds your expectations.. »

This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history from Rockstar Games Jason Schreier tweeted this Sunday, confirming their veracity at the same time. ” It’s hell for developers for several reasons. One is that it will disrupt their work for a while. The other is that it could cause management to limit the flexibility of working from home. The repercussions of this leak will not be clear for a while. “We will therefore have to wait before knowing what consequences this dark affair will have on the development of GTA 6.

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