GTA 6 leak: Rockstar reacts, no impact on game development or GTA 5

You are certainly aware, Grand Theft Auto VI recently leaked on the web via numerous gameplay videos of an alpha version of the game.

Rockstar reacts to this case…

Indeed, the American company has just shared an official press release on all of these social networks. As you can imagine, the studio is very disappointed by the turn of events and the fact that content related to GTA 6 has been released without their consent.

Rockstar Games thus confirms that it was the victim of an intrusion into their network that led to these huge leaks. On the other hand, the studio specifies all the same that this affair will have no impact on the content to come on GTA Online in particular, nor on the development of GTA 6. The firm indicates that it will give us news very soon as to the progress of their investigation and how they will recover from this story.

Finally, they obviously want to thank all the people and companies who have supported the studio during these dark hours. For our part, we wish good luck to the teams and hope that they can continue to work in peace. According to several rumors, Grand Theft Auto VI would be scheduled for 2024-2025, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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