GTA 6: Statement published by Rockstar Games on the leak

At the weekend a gigantic leak with very early gameplay by GTA 6 for many headlines on the internet. While there were initial doubts as to its authenticity, publisher Take-Two’s attempts to take all videos offline more or less rendered them ineffective confirmationthat this is indeed the next Grand Theft Auto. Now has also developers Rockstar Games with a statement on the incident voiced.

That’s what Rockstar says about the GTA 6 leak

“We recently got one illegal access have to put up with on our network where a unauthorized third party accessed and downloaded confidential information on our system – including early development material for the next Grand Theft Auto. At the moment we are expecting no interference for our live service games or long-term implications for the development of our ongoing projects.”

“We are extremely disappointedfor sharing details of our next game with you in this way. Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto continues as planned and we are more committed than ever to bringing you an experience that will truly exceed your expectations. We’ll keep you up to date and of course we’ll introduce you to this game properly when the time comes. We thank everyone for their continued support during this situation.”

What did the leak reveal?

The material shown confirmed, among other things, that we can do it in GTA 6 (buy now €19.99) With two main characters get to do. Jason and Lucy (Alexandra Cristina) will also appear in vice city be on the move. Most of the recordings are from year 2019 and therefore of course do not reflect the final product. When we with the Release of GTA 6 are allowed to count is currently unclear. According to insider Tom Henderson, there is one release per year 2024 or 2025 as realistic.

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