GTA 6: the culprit of the leak found, he is very young

The culprit of the GTA 6 leaks has reportedly been found and arrested. According to the first information from the authorities, it would indeed be a very young individual.

New twist in the GTA 6 leak case. As the FBI actively investigates the intrusions at Uber and Rockstar, the authorities of the city of London may have arrested the author of the biggest leak in the history of the game video.

GTA 6 leaker reportedly arrested

Busted! Less than a week after the release of the GTA 6 leaks, the alleged perpetrator of the Rockstar server hack has been arrested. In a tweet published this Friday, September 23 at 2 p.m., the London police claim to have arrested a 17-year-old individual matching his profile. He is suspected of being involved in a hacking affair and was arrested with the help of the NCA. However, in its press release, Uber, another big victim of this individual, had announced that it was working closely with the FBI and the NCA (National Crime Agency).

If the authorities have not confirmed anything yet, several famous British journalists claim that it is indeed the hacker of GTA 6. Matthew Keys, reliable source in the world of tech, certifies that it is indeed the hacker involved in Rockstar business. BBC cyber reporter Joe Tidy also said: It is really very important. We can’t say why due to restrictions… I’m still consulting the BBC legal team, we can’t say more than what’s been said here. »

According to the latest information in the case, he would be one of the leaders of the group of Lapsus$ cybercriminals. He would have amassed more than 12 million euros by hacking various big names in tech. This includes Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nvidia, and even Samsung. However, we must wait for confirmation from the British authorities to be sure.

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