GTA 6: the map would be twice as large as in GTA 5

After the major leak of GTA 6, some players hastened to peel the videos revealed. And by scrutinizing small details, they concluded that the game map would be twice as large as that of GTA 5.

Los Santos map in GTA 5 ©Rockstar

The community has been patiently waiting for news of Rockstar’s upcoming blockbuster. But a hacker has grilled the publisher by revealing 50 gameplay videos from the alpha version of GTA 6. A huge disappointment for Rockstar who nevertheless specified that the development of the game “will continue as planned”. In the meantime, these sequences have confirmed a lot of information about the game.

Starting with the presence of a female playable character and a return to Vice City. In this regard, emblematic thoroughfares such as Ocean Drive and Washington Beach have notably been spotted on street signs. What’s more, a subway train is decked out with the inscription “Vice City Metro”. A police car belonging to the Vice City Police Department can also be observed.

GTA 6: a gigantic map to be expected?

Only part of the map is explored in the leaked videos. But that doesn’t stop eagle-eyed fans from making some interesting guesses. Based on the displayed player coordinates (for developers), some have tried to get an idea of ​​the extent of the map. One of the coordinates displays “-7191” to denote the player’s location. If Vice City isn’t a perfect rectangle, it’s likely that the entire map is built in a rectangular grid.

Here’s what Redditor Jumbo04 concludes: “If there is a -7191, I assume there will also be a +7191”. Therefore, ” we could have a map of 14.382 x 14.382 units, if we assume that the 0.0 coordinate will be the center of the map. I observed the coordinates well when the character moved and it seems that one unit of coordinates estimates about one meter. If the 0.0 coordinate was in the middle of the map, it could mean that the total area could be around 206.8 km²”.

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For comparison, Jumbo04 estimates the map of GTA 5 about 80 km². Or the same number put forward by the MetaBallStudios YouTube channel in its video comparing the card sizes of several open world games.

After the disappointment of this big fake card unveiled last May, these consistent speculations are obviously welcome. If true, the Vice City map version GTA 6 would be more than twice as large as the map of Los Santos in GTA 5 (if water and countryside are also taken into account).

Source : Reddit

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