GTA 6 will suffer some small postponements: Rockstar works on safety, for a rumor

GTA 6 and Rockstar were hit by a giga leak that showed an embryonic build of the new chapter of the famous open world series. The software house intervened to clarify that the game will not suffer development delays, but according to the insider Tez2 some repercussions on the works will be inevitable.

Tez2 has posted a tweet (now unreachable) in the past few hours stating that Rockstar has updated its QA builds and is doing the same with the divisions relating to security on all of its securities (GTA V, GTA IV, Max Payne, and so on). According to the insider, usually close to the world of GTA and the US software house, all this will involve some delays onshort term“, as is easily imaginable. These statements, in fact, go well with those of Rockstar Games itself, which in its official statement stated that the development of GTA 6 it would not be delayedlong-term“.

In any case, the launch window of the highly anticipated open world remains totally hidden in mystery, and we do not know how and when Rockstar will decide to update us on the game after an event of this magnitude. In the meantime, the author of the GTA 6 leak has already been identified, apparently a boy of only 16 years.

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