Guarello and the ownership of Morales with the arrival of Santos

There is less and less for Colo Colo to finally have his new center forward, the Venezuelan Christian Santos, who was buckled at the last minute before the closing of the ANFP pass book last Friday.

With the arrival of Santos there is a nice competition to be the starting center forward of the team, especially because of the good level that Iván Morales has shown this season and the rise of Javier Parraguez in the last games.

The option that they can play two 9s in Gustavo Quinteros’ scheme could be given, but there are those who leave their quota of doubt to this possibility. In that lot is Juan Cristóbal Guarello, who on ADN Radio stated that, If the Venezuelan is doing well, he could perfectly leave the tank on the bench.

“There is a detail there that is Morales ‘moment, be careful with that because Morales’ last game was not good, he was replaced by Parraguez, he came out very angry. Obviously he is the starter, but what if Santos is doing well in training? Be careful there”, said the journalist.

In this sense, the communicator maintained that “Morales got complicated, not only because he didn’t play a good game, he came out confused, he made bad decisions. On a very good afternoon for Colo Colo, the only one who left sad was Morales ”.

Christian Santos will arrive in Chile this Friday, September 17, having to quarantine for a week due to the context of the coronavirus that we are experiencing. He will join training next Friday the 24th, so he could only see action in the duel against Ñublense.

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