Guarello expects a good Superclassic because the others “have been soporific”

This next Sunday the 190 version of the Superclásico will be held between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile at the El Teniente stadium, within the framework of matchday 22 of the 2021 National Championship.

Those led by Gustavo Quinteros will go to Rancagua with the obligation to win to continue stretching the undefeated against the archrival, but most importantly, to continue as the exclusive leader of the tournament and to stretch their difference with their pursuers.

In the program More than Soccer of DirecTV Sports, Juan Cristóbal Guarello analyzed what will be the most important commitment of national football and commented that he expects a good game, since the previous classics were due.

In the first instance, he pointed out that “It is a match that took flight, a very strong positive and negative connotation, a special match that unfortunately in its football level has fallen a lot in the last two years”.

Later, he compared this moment with past editions. “The other time I was watching a classic from 2015, the truth is that it was played better and I’m not talking about the 70s. As close as six years ago. The classic where Corujo makes his hand at the end”He said about the victory of the albos against the blues in the National.

In addition, the national journalist said that he hopes that a better level will be shown in the duel this Sunday. “Hopefully in line with the good moment, whenever one speaks of a good football moment one uses the immediate parameter. Hopefully with the good moment of both clubs compared to the above we will have a good game”, Held.

“The result does not matter, but a good game, because the last classics have been soporific, really soporific. Those of us who have had to go to so many classics cannot compare it with what we have experienced and not so long ago”Guarello finished.

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