Guarello praises the 50 thousand members but warns: “You have to take it well”

Dream days are those that Colo Colo is experiencing and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. A historic milestone was added to obtaining the 2021 Chile Cup and the exclusive leadership in the National Championship after exceeding 50 thousand active members per day.

The Albos have seen a considerable increase in their associates since last lamentable season and despite fighting for relegation, the fans were unconditional to the club of their loves.

This fact has not only been celebrated by the colocolinos, but also by the press. In Los Tenores de Radio ADN, Juan Cristóbal Guarello had words for this brand and highlighted the moment of the Eternal Champion.

In the first instance, he argued that “It seems to me that it is a path that must be carried out well. That it is not simply the desire to be a member and then not pay any more fees. Give it muscle or decision-making power. Unfortunately it cannot be like Germany”.

Later, the national journalist praised the arrival in command of the CSD to the detriment of the old table and affirmed that “It seems to me that what the Mosa board did was a dead end that did a lot of damage to the club. This administration is more discreet, with the capacity to negotiate. It is a mediator, which is what it has to do”.

“There is a fragility because the property is still owned by the shareholders, but if you have 50 thousand members to show, you have a very great force. Many years the Social Club was a puppet of the shareholders, they were intimidated. It was used as a tool to have more power and make it disappear and they didn’t make it, which is good “he added.

Finishing, Guarello stressed to the fans that they now have a role within the club. “That is a positive participation and nobody calls themselves a spokesperson. It is a group that can vote, go to assemblies and in the future why not fill the stadium only with members”, he pointed.

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