Guarello talks about the great football rise of Gabriel Suazo

One of the great soccer highlights of Colo Colo is Gabriel Suazo. The colocolino captain had a 2020 season where he was strongly criticized, but after the confidence of Gustavo Quinteros he raised his level.

Today the left-back is in a great moment and the criticism goes to one side. That is why Juan Cristobal Guarello, a journalist for Radio ADN, decided to praise the performance of the man in Macul.

The journalist began to analyze the club’s game and analyzed individualities. “Seeing for example Solari’s ability and the confidence with which Suazo plays”, launched in the first instance.

In addition, Guarello briefly delved into the case of Gabriel Suazo. “Beyond criticism, it is how trust is articulated, how it changes, much more focused”, said the journalist.

Gabriel Suazo in Colo Colo

Finally, Juan Cristobal Guarello said that what happens with Suazo is a worthy case to present to the football coaches in their preparation. “It is a case to take to technical courses”, he sentenced.

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