Guarello: “The finals have started in the tournament”

Colo Colo did not know how to break the defensive fence of Ñublense and ended up falling sadly 1-0 at the Monumental on the 23rd date of the 2021 National Championship, in a result that shortened distances at the top of the standings.

One who analyzed this dawn defeat was Juan Cristóbal Guarello, who in his capacity as a commentator on ADN Radio compared what the Cacique did to the University of Chile in the Superclásico, stating that his performance was a kind of “mirage”.

“I think that the classic was a mirage, because the U played so badly that it seemed that Colo Colo played well, but he did not play well and today he showed it. A blinded team, frontal, with few ideas that ends up losing against Ñublense that was quite complicated ”, stated the journalist.

In that sense he added that “Before the goal, Colo Colo had dominance, he had generated arrivals, but everything was very clumsy, very attacked, without fluidity. Quinteros made several changes, he had the ball, but he did not generate many scoring chances and the ones he generated were to tolerate, to which you grew up and the strikeouts ”.

“He won the Catholic University, La Calera, and Italian Audax. Everyone puts pressure on Colo Colo (…) Be careful, the Championship got good. There is a date on the weekend, but they play UC with La Calera. The finals began ”, the journalist concluded.

Colo Colo’s next match will be against Palestino this Sunday, October 3 from 3:30 p.m. in La Cisterna, on the 23rd date of the tournament.

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