Gucci x Adidas Gazelle, luxury to play football: the prohibitive price of these shoes will leave you amazed

Luxury is an essential part of the products of Gucci, regardless of whether they are formal, casual or sporty. In September, two months before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, Alessandro Michele’s company launched, together with Adidas the Gucci x Adidas Gazelle, at a prohibitive price.

There are five pairs that are known so far, thanks to the report of Hypebeast: the Metallic Gold, Pink Velvet, Black – White Green/Red/Oatmeal and Square G.

All are available in the US market, and it is unknown if it will reach the Latin American market. The value of the models: 850 dollars. It is not available to everyone.

The models stand out for using the Adidas logo together with that of the House of Gucci, in addition to having an oatmeal-colored anti-slip rubber sole.

Gucci x Adidas Gazelle Metallic Gold

The first iteration, Metallic Gold, is predominantly gold in color, with black Adidas stripes and burgundy laces.

The foil-like gold hue covers the entire upper of the shoe, while hints of red and blue sit on the black tongue. The Gazelle’s rubber sole unit is complete with Gucci branding. in the rear lateral quarter.

Gucci x Adidas Gazelle Pink Velvet

Gucci x Adidas Gazelle Pink Velvet

Then there is the Pink Velvet, designed for women in pink velvet with the Adidas stripes in gold. Its laces are also pink, while both the tongue and the back of the heel are black.

Gucci x Adidas Gazelle Black – White Green/Red/Oatmeal

Gucci x Adidas Gazelle Black - White Green/Red/Oatmeal

The other two iterations, predominantly black and white colors They play with the color oatmeal as the second main tone, while the Adidas stripes are presented in green and red. His laces are dark red.

Gucci x Adidas Square G

Gucci x Adidas Square G

This was presented in a teaser last February and is one of the most prominent models, using suede and brown and black leather with patterns of the G for Gucci. The aesthetics of these sneakers evoke the 80’s, with vintage prints, but with a touch of glamor from the House of Gucci.

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