Guide: Far Cry 6 – The best weapons and where to find them

In Far Cry 6, a pile of weapons is waiting to be found, unlocked and tried out by you. But which of these is the best assault rifle? Or the best sniper? We provide you with all the information about the weapons of Far Cry 6, with which every player should go into battle against Anton Castillo at least once.

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The best Far Cry 6 weapons and their locations

So much in advance: Which weapons you like the most in Far Cry 6 depends, of course, on your personal playstyle. Nevertheless, after many, many hours of play, a few real highlights emerge from the weapons of Far Cry 6, the locations of which we list for you here.

In addition, the unique weapons usually beat the regular variants by far. The emphasis is on usually – Exceptions prove the rule. But just get your own picture of our recommendations.

Beste Impro-Waffe: The Whisper

El Susurro is particularly suitable for stealth gameplay in Far Cry 6.

This is what makes the improv weapon so good: El Susurro is a nail gun that fires soundless projectiles even at greater distances, and can even penetrate the armor of enemies. That makes them one of the best and most practical improv weapons that are perfect for sneaking. Due to the high ammunition capacity and rate of fire, you can also fall back on El Sussurro in heated combat.

How to get the improv weapon: You can afford El Susurro with 100 uranium as soon as you have unlocked Juan’s inventions after the prologue of Far Cry 6. Simply get the good piece at a workbench or from a dealer as soon as you have found enough resources for it.

Best rifle: SSGP-58

The SSGP-58 is an all-purpose weapon that you can use in every imaginable situation.

This is what makes the rifle so good: While the SSGP-58 isn’t a unique weapon, don’t underestimate the assault rifle. Because with a whopping five different attachment slots and two available modifications, you can adapt the SSGP-58 to your personal playing style.

A special treat: the rifle can be equipped with a second sight, so that you can switch between targets at short and long distances with great flexibility. With an equipped silencer, for example, we saved ourselves the need to pack a sniper rifle and at the same time were able to fight firefights with this loadout.

How to get the rifle: To get possession of the SSGP-58, you need a fully armed guerrilla garrison in one of your three guerrilla camps. Then you can buy the assault rifle through the dealer if you have enough pesos in your pocket.

Best submachine gun: MP7

The MP7 shoots a hell of a lot of bullets really fast.

This is what makes the submachine gun so good: Far Cry 6’s best submachine gun is actually not a unique weapon, it’s the one boring Standard MP7. Why? Very simple: Even without modifications, the MP7 has a terrifyingly high rate of fire and a correspondingly thick magazine – which can even be enlarged with the appropriate mods.

With four slots for attachments and three for mods, you can also adapt the MP7 to your personal playing style and be nimble on your feet with a powerful submachine gun.

How to get the submachine gun: For the MP7 you have to improve the guerrilla garrison to the maximum in one of three guerrilla camps. So you have access to the weapon via dealers and can add it to your inventory. However, that will cost you quite a bit of resources and pesos.

Best light machine gun: rear sight & popcorn

This is what makes the lightweight MG so good: Explosive ammunition, increased reload speed and a visor with double zoom – a promising combination that is particularly effective against trucks, jeeps, helicopters or other FND vehicles.

This is how you get the light MG: The rear sight and popcorn can be found in Esperanza on the roof of the El Rayo Cinema in the northwest of the city center. All you have to do is find the ladder that will take you upstairs to own the machine gun.

Best sniper rifle: El Tirano

This is what makes the sniper rifle so good: With armor-piercing ammunition and a long-range sight, El Tirano is indispensable for players who like to take apart their opponents from greater distances. The enlarged magazine and the increased reload time are of course also practical. The only downer: El Tirano comes without a built-in silencer and is therefore rather unsuitable for quiet operation.

How to get the sniper rifle: El Tirano is waiting for you in the Escila Fort in the very north of Valle De Oro. All you have to do is climb the lighthouse with the climbing hook to get to the unique sniper rifle.

Best Shotgun: Overloader

This is what makes the shotgun so good: The truck conveyor not only distributes a lot of damage, but also has a built-in silencer. The weapon allows you to enter enemy areas quietly and saves long takedown animations with a targeted shot.

There is also a relatively low risk that your muffler will overheat. This is due to the relatively long reloading time owe. But even in the heat of a noisy firefight, the overloader is a reliable choice, as even armored soldiers have little to oppose it.

How to get the shotgun: You can find the overloader in the northwest of Madrugada – in the area of ​​the Monteros. There is an oil rig there, which is also part of a quest for Philly – but can also be attacked as a military base.

The access to the weapon box is a bit hidden: just follow the power cables of the crane, which blocks the way to the valuable loot with a container. Opposite it in the office there is a button that you have to press to get to the truck conveyor.

Best bow: compound bow (with explosive arrows)

The compound bow is suitable as an explosive weapon precisely because of its relatively high rate of fire.

This is what makes the bow so good: No, Far Cry 6’s best bow actually doesn’t fall into the unique weapons category. The compound bow works best when you adapt it to your personal playing style. Our recommendation: Give the good piece a visor of your choice and explosive arrows. So you make short work of vehicles, helicopters and armored troops.

How to get the bow: To get the compound bow, you have to build the guerrilla garrison in one of your guerrilla camps and upgrade to the maximum level. This is how you unlock the weapon for purchase. However, that will consume quite a bit of resources and pesos.

Best thrower: into orbit

This is what makes the thrower so good: Far Cry 6’s rocket and grenade launchers are all very similar. The unique weapon In orbit but impresses with its special ability to automatically target enemy vehicles. This is pretty handy so you don’t have to worry about missing your target in the heat of the moment.

This is how you get the launcher: To get the unique rocket launcher, you have to complete the liquid courage treasure hunt in the Noventarmas area of ​​Valle de Oro. There are three valves waiting for you inside the Star Rocket Brewery, which you open to gain access to the owner’s office. The treasure chest stored there houses the unique one In-orbit-Weapon.

Best sidearm: autocrat

This is what makes the pistol so good: The autocrat can be found very soon after the start of Far Cry 6 and could even accompany you through the entire game. The pre-installed mods are so well balanced that the pistol is a real insider tip.

Very few soldiers have anything to counteract armor-piercing ammunition, and at the same time the autocrat deals additional damage by aiming at the rear sight and front sight. Should you hit the body, the corresponding mod also takes effect.

How to get the pistol: You can still get the autocrat on the tutorial island during the quest Eat or die snap at Fort Quito. To do this, you simply have to destroy a wooden board in the basement that gives you access to a cage full of loot. If you need help with this, our article on the topic will help you:

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Bonus tip: La Varita as an improv weapon with wallhack

A rifle with high penetration …

… which, in combination with the right Supremo, has a wallhack.

This is what makes La Varita so useful: At first glance, La Varita might not be the most promising rifle. Despite the rather heavy damage that blows the light out of any opponent with a headshot, the long reload time and the visor that takes getting used to spoil the overall picture.

However, La Varita unfolds its true potential in combination with the Triador-Supremo. Because armed with La Varita you can not only see through walls, but even shoot through them. In addition, it should not go unmentioned that every headshot with La Varita generates ammunition and thus killed enemies become traps for other soldiers.

This is how you get La Varita: To unlock La Varita, the Triador Supremo and the animal companion Oluso, you have to complete the Triada Blessing quest series. This includes three different treasure hunts and a mini boss fight at the end.

What else there is to know about Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 was released on October 7, 2021 for PC and consoles. We have of course tested the open-world shooter for you and Elena explains in her review why Far Cry 6 has become a game full of contradictions. Our test is also available in a video version by Jonas, so take a look yourself:

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What do you think are the best Far Cry 6 weapons? What are your personal favorites and with which loadout do you go into battle? Let us know in the comments!

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