guilds, in "Red alert" due to inflation: the demand for wage increases shoots up to 90%

The escalation of inflation does not stop, turning on red lights in the unions, with negotiations for salaries that started with 45 percent, continued in the order of 65 percent and today they are projected above 90 percent.

August brought a cost of living of 7 percent, accumulating 56.4 percent in the first eight months of the year. September looks like it will maintain the number; Meanwhile, several important unions such as Truckers, Health and Bankers are preparing for the reopening of joint ventures, while others maintain that the current agreements are “broken” because the workers do not make ends meet.

The most dramatic part of the case is that we are referring to registered employees who, in many cases, are below the poverty line. Not to mention the “black” staff that today is around 40 percent of the labor universe and month by month he sees how his purchasing power deteriorates.

In the public sector, the national parity has not yet met. The delay and the urgency of the case led the leadership of the Association of State Workers (ATE) to call for a national strike with demonstrations for the 27th of this month. The Union of Civilian Personnel of the Nation (UPCN), led by the also Deputy Secretary of the CGT, Andrés Rodríguez, has not yet spoken, although he let his discomfort transcend, taking into account that his Buenos Aires peers have already arranged a total increase of 70 percent with revision in November.

Inflation: in eight months, it reached 56.4%

As was said, until August inflation was 56.4 percent. If the last quarter was 7 percent per month, it would accumulate 28 percent. Thus, the 2022 cost of living total from January to December would be 84.4 percent. Any lower percentage would provoke celebrations both in the Casa Rosada and in the Palacio de Hacienda. In the Government they announced that they expect an inflation of 90%, a number similar to that projected by the unions.

In this scenario, the Banking Association has already sent a letter to the Minister of Labor Claudio Moroni requesting the reopening of the joint ventures, scheduled for next month. The guild led by Sergio Palazzo signed an increase of 60 percent that was devalued and they are thinking of adding, at least, 20 points in two installments with revision in December. And we are talking about one of the unions with the best salaries, with a basic of approximately $190,000.

The union led by Sergio Palazzo signed an increase of 60 percent that was devalued

In the Truck Drivers Union, Hugo Moyano has already started warming up engines. He signed a salary increase of 31 percent for six months, in two sections that turned out to be scarce. To think of a 55 percent increase, to round up to 86 percent, would be delusional. However, it is enough to look at the recent reopening of the national teacher parity, where the accumulated figure reached 87 percent improvement.

Guilds: Commerce advanced quotas and Health projects numbers

The Trade Employees Union advanced quotas for the 2022-2023 period, but the recently re-elected Armando Cavalieri warned that the 59.5 percent must be updated, especially for the first quarter of next year. This guild is one of the so-called “Fats” because of the number of members, as is Health, which is headed by one of the co-owners of the CGT, Héctor Daer. In its different branches, the average salary improvement was 45 percent. At least 20 points will be added with a revision clause in the first days of December. The one who anticipated the situation of “open pit parity” was the Mechanics Union (SMATA) that since 2012 agrees to increases on a quarterly basis.

Examples of negotiation there are for all tastes. A few days ago, the board of directors of the Unión Tranviarios Automotor (UTA) agreed on a bonus of 25,000 in two installments on account of the 2022-2023 joint ventures that it continues to discuss.

On the other hand, both the Construction Workers’ Union (UOCRA) and the Union of Construction and Related Employees (UECARA) added 14 percent to the 62 agreed last May, with a membership of 76 percent.

Salaries with agreements at 87% and unions with force measures

Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires Graphic Federation activated the review clause and rounded off an increase of 87 percent to March 2023. In February, the parties will meet again to assess the evolution of inflation and the possibility of a new wage readjustment. And the Union Federation of Personnel of the Meat Industry and its Derivatives achieved a total recomposition of 85 percent for the red meat branch.

In some cases, wage negotiations have bogged down, as in the case of the Tire Union (SUTNA) where strikes have been going on for more than three months. Inflation fuels conflict. In fact, the Argentine Federation of Private Security Workers (FATRASEP) rejected an “insufficient” wage review proposal from the CAESI business chamber and threatened to apply a national plan of struggle.

In the Truck Drivers Union, Hugo Moyano, has already started warming up engines

In the Truck Drivers Union, Hugo Moyano has already started warming up engines

The unions that make up the Federation attended a new hearing with employer representatives within the framework of the mandatory conciliation ordered by the Ministry of Labor. From the union, they pointed out that “the advance to January 2023 of the section agreed for April 2023, as proposed by the employer representatives, does not solve the salary problems that private security workers have today.”

Along the same lines can be found the Union of Gastronomic and Hotel Workers (UTHGRA) led by Luis Barrionuevo, who announced forceful measures in the main tourist centers of the country for the next long weekend if the salaries in the different regions with which the staff of the City of Buenos Aires perceives.

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