Guillermina Valdés’s reaction after confirming her separation from Marcelo Tinelli

Yesterday on the “LAM” program, Ángel de Brito confirmed the separation between Guillermina Valdés and Marcelo Tinelli. After 9 years of relationship and with a son in common, the couple decided to end their relationship.

As Guillermina Valdés mentioned in dialogue with Ángel de Brito, the model and the driver parted on good terms and left it exposed in the last publication of Marcelo Tinelliwhere they made clear the good relationship they maintain and their happiness for the first camp of their son, Lorenzo.

The good vibes between Guillermina Valdés and Marcelo Tinelli for their son Lolo.

Yesterday, Guillermina Valdés shared how the separation from Marcelo Tinelli: “I’m fine, we parted on good terms and we get along super well, everything in harmony. There is a lot of love between all of us who have formed this blended family during these years.”

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