Guillermo del Toro: “Pinocchio”, the film that marks his return to animated cinema 16 years later

Recognized worldwide for animated works such as “The Shape of Water” or “Hellboy”, the prestigious director Guillermo del Toro will return to animated cinema through the front door with the stop motion film “Pinocchio”, a film that will mark a milestone after 16 years of rest in this field of digitization and special effects. Learn more here.

expected return. The online discussion raised at the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) not only brought premieres and revelation films of international stature, but also marked the return of Mexican director Guillermo del Toro.


Of course, the also screenwriter and writer confessed that before taking the helm of the animated feature film he took some notions of this branch of cinema in previous projects.

“When I finished Pan’s Labyrinth, I came up with an idea that I’ve managed to do, which is to go back to animation, but with a very big curve, spending x years producing films at Dreamworks and producing The Book of Life for Jorge Gutiérrez, yes. we do not support it at that time, it is not done ”, revealed the one born in Mexico.

This is what Guillermo del Toro’s personal account looks like (Photo: Guillermo del Toro/Instagram)

“That curve ends up taking me to Pinocchio and beyond. I want to continue directing animation. I had the very interesting apprenticeship of co-directing episodes in Trollhunters, which helped a lot, and in the case of Pinocchio it is a trajectory of 16 years or so it took me to do it, ” continued the director of films such as “dark spirits.”


At another point in his speech, the director of tapes and films added that he broke certain passages of the original story to reinforce the essence of the protagonist and what he longs to offer to his entire audience.

Del Toro finished.

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