Gulf of Saint-Tropez: far from the posh evenings, the Caietti family’s guinguette



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C.Verove, A.Tribouart, A.Cohen – France 2

France Televisions

Run by the Caietti family, this guinguette in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez reconciles holidaymakers with the sometimes bling-bling aspect of the area. With them, it’s casual.

In the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, far from the jet-set and posh parties. A family reinvents the guinguette. At the Caietti’s, there is Romain, the son and owner of the guinguette. The mother makes the ice cream, the father the seafood and the friend the grills. For generations, the family has lived and worked in the Halles de Grimaud, a covered market. Roman grew up there. A decor of children’s games that inspired him 20 years later the adventure of his life: “There’s a cabin at the bottom of the garden. We’re going to set up a bar and we’ll play good music that we missed and good food”.

In the kitchen, Frédérique, the mother, takes care of the dessert. A homemade vanilla ice cream, of course, with local ingredients. To at nightfall, the outside of the hall takes on the air of a village festival. On the grill, there is a rib of beef or simply potatoes. On the floor, everyone dances as one. A new generation popular ball to revisit, in a guinguette version, the fever of Saint-Tropez nights.

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