Gunbrella: a new game from Devolver Digital and Doinksoft (Gato Roboto)

Devolver Digital and Doinksoft (Gato Roboto) announce Gunbrella on Nintendo Switch and PC Steam. An action-adventure game where you embody a male Mary Poppins with a gun.

We wanted to believe in a release date for Hollow Knight Silksong, but it stuck with us. In contrast, independent nugget publisher Devolver Digital did not come empty-handed. Here is the first trailer, images and information about Gunbrella.

Gunbrella goes wild on Nintendo Switch and PC

A gun and an umbrella, that gives Gunbrella, the new game from the creators of tasty Gato Roboto and Devolver Digital Bootleg. A noir-punk action-adventure software that puts us in the shoes of a gruff and revengeful lumberjack.

A gruff lumberjack, a good old thirst for revenge, a mysterious umbrella gun: Gunbrella is a muscular investigation in the midst of ghouls, gangsters, cops and gurus against a backdrop of industrial negligence.

In this side-scrolling title, our lumberjack will use his gunbrella to take down gangs and ghosts, but also “gliding, hovering and swinging” in the environments.

Take advantage of your Gunbrella to slide, hover, swing, dash or even dive and gather debris and other stuff lying around to stock up on ammo and acquire various upgrades. A sect involved in kidnappings, seedy gangs, specters who materialize where blood flows… the journey promises to be as dense as it is perilous!

Gunbrella will be available in 2023 on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

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