Gustavo Munua: "The result does not agree with what the match was"

Unión suffered a tough defeat against River, by 5-1, at the 15 de Abril stadium, for the fourth date of the Professional League Tournament. It was the fourth fall in series as a local and the second in the contest.

After the game, Gustavo Munúa stated: “The result does not match what the game was, River was very effective in its definitions, it had a lot of force and we had a very good first half, we know the danger they have in transitions, the five goals are manifested in the same way , they took advantage of it. We had several goalscoring situations but we couldn’t score, we had control of the game, it was under control. In the second half we wanted to go for the tie and any mismatch, with transition and counterattack, they took advantage of very well. The result was not the reality of the game.”

And indicated. “The team competed very well, they were successful, we sinned since we know they are a dangerous and vertical team, but the team tried to compete until the end, the result is lofty but it has nothing to do with what the match was. The team did very well. We are working in the market, we know that it is not easy. We want the players to come and strengthen the team, always looking for the best.”

Later, he revealed: “The impetus of going to look for the tie generated spaces, they felt very comfortable, for many passages of the game I saw the team well, deepening, we had very good passages of the game, Armani put out two or three very good ones.”

Regarding the absence of Emanuel Britez, he revealed: “Ema ended up tired last game, with a contracture, I didn’t want to risk it, we had many games in a row, I talked to him that he didn’t want to risk it because of that discomfort, He has been treating for the last few days. While Federico Vera felt a strong contracture, to prevent it I made the change and Gerometta entered, I didn’t want to risk it.”

On whether the absence of Jonatan Álvez was very noticeable, he said: “He is an important player, a reference, with experience, we don’t have it, There are teammates of his who really want to show and that’s how it will be”.

Also, about Imanol Machuca, he said: “I have a lot of confidence in him, you have to think cold, Unión has many boys from the quarries, who go through ups and downs, it’s normal, they are experiences that they have to live. It is impossible to learn everything at once. You learn from experiences, you have to live them, I have great confidence in him. You have to interpret the moments. He has to go through different stages to continue growing, I have it clear, I have no doubt that little by little he will recover his level”.

He also announced that it is very close to “Bryan Castrillón is a dynamic player, who can play all along the attacking front, he’s fast, one-on-one, he’s going to give us dynamics. I don’t know about Cristián Zavala.”

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