Gustavo Petro at the UN: "What is more poisonous? Cocaine or coal and oil?"

Colombian President Gustavo Petro spoke for the first time at the United Nations General Assembly, in the presence of heads of state and diplomatic representatives from different countries of the world.

In his speech, the Colombian president sent a direct message to the 193 states that make up the international forum.

“I demand from here, from my wounded Latin America, to end the irrational war on drugs. Reducing drug use does not need wars, it needs us all to build a better society”, he indicated.

In addition, he spoke of the Amazon jungle, coca cultivation as an indigenous tradition and environmental conservation: “To destroy the coca plant they throw poison, glyphosate en masse, they arrest the growers and imprison them”

Then, he compared illicit substances such as coca with the extraction of crude oil. “What is more poisonous? Cocaine or coal and oil? ”, She asked herself before the audience.

“The opinion of power has ordered that cocaine is poison and must be persecuted, even if it only causes minimal deaths. On the other hand, coal and oil must be protected so that their use can extinguish all of humanity,” Petro assured.

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