Gustavo Quinteros and the defeat of Colo Colo: "We had a bad game, I take responsibility"

Gustavo Quinteros and the defeat of Colo Colo: “We had a bad game, I take responsibility”

Gustavo Quinteros delivered his analysis after the fall against Cobresal. The strategist said he felt distressed by the fall.

Colo Colo could not in the north and suffered a hard fall against Cobresal. The team did not find the way throughout the match and made mistakes that cost them dearly. Gustavo Quinteros in a conference delivered his analysis of the role of his footballers.

The trans-Andean confronted the post-defeat media against the Miners, where he maintained that he did not expect an action like this afternoon. “I thought we weren’t going to have a bad game like today. After three pretty good games in the defensive organization, in the coordination, we made very silly mistakes again“, the colocolino strategist started explaining.

After that, he had a moment to review the game, where he mentioned that “we scored badly, we gave them a child penalty, the third most childish goal, that is, many silly errors and individualities that cost us the game. As we lost we became quite disorganized, when we lost the ball we were not well organized, they came to us from the wings. It was played badly again, it was a match like O’Higgins’.

Thus, the coach admitted to being concerned about the way the team played and promised to continue working to improve the image of the Colombian team. “Now if I’m a little distressed, we had a bad game, I take responsibility because I am the one who works with the team to play betterWe will continue working to improve.”

This way, Quinteros and company must return to Santiago to prepare for the coming weekswhere they will play a friendly match against Colón and possibly play the pending duel against Huachipato.

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