Gustavo Quinteros calls for calm in defeat

Colo Colo had a sad afternoon at the Monumental Stadium when they lost 1-0 to Ñublense on the 23rd date of the 2021 National Championship, in a result that leaves us stuck with 43 units at the top and a little closer to our closest pursuers .

Gustavo Quinteros analyzed what this regrettable defeat was, stating that “It was a game with favorable options for us, but we didn’t have the clarity to score the goal. They took two balls off the line and even one hit the stick. It cost us, contrary to the previous game, where we scored two goals in the first two arrivals. We were not precise and there was the difference. I’m calm with what the team did, they kicked 20 times at goal. We have to continue like this and try to be more precise to be able to win the games ”.

“This can happen. It took a long time, but we had more than 20 games where we only lost to Cobresal, where the rival came to us once and scored us. The same thing happened today. The most important thing is to continue generating football and being superior. We must have the calm and forcefulness that we had in the classic. We have to work more on the definition ”, added.

On the departure something physically touched that Gabriel Costa had, the Santa Fe affirmed that “He ended up with a hamstring strain. He was not at his best, because he was feeling the overload. In the second half, he could no longer ask for the change. I hope it is nothing serious and that he can be there for the next game, as he is a very important player for us ”.

In addition, and taking up the foul and goal that was seen this afternoon, the Albo strategist pointed out that “When you have these situations that take you out of line, you think that maybe we should risk the player (Christian Santos) a little more so that he can be a little earlier, but we will continue working. We hope that on Sunday we can make the goals that we did not do today ”.

“I’m calm with what the team did, they kicked 20 times on goal. We have to continue like this and try to be more precise in order to win the games.” | Photo: UNO Agency.

“They are streaks. Iván Morales is an important player who has a lot of mobility and does a lot of diagonals. Obviously we always ask the striker to convert. Let’s hope that on Sunday he can convert, for the good of him and the team ”, concluded.

Cacique’s revenge is just around the corner against Palestino this Sunday, October 3 from 3:30 p.m. in La Cisterna. You have to win to regain lost ground at the top.

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