Gustavo Quinteros explains the absence of Marco Rojas in the Colo Colo matches

Gustavo Quinteros explains the absence of Marco Rojas in the Colo Colo matches

The technical director of the Cacique explained the reasons they have outside the summons to the Kiwi. Despite his absence from the popular cast, the player will have the chance to add minutes on the FIFA date since he was nominated by the New Zealand coach.

Marco Rojas has become one of Colo Colo’s most striking reinforcements in recent seasons. The footballer was born in the city of Hamilton, New Zealand, his last club was Melbourne in Australia and part of his career was spent in Europe. Unusual curriculum for a National Championship footballer.

The arrival of Rojas generated great expectation, brushstrokes of good football in 2022 caught the attention of the fans, so it was expected that with a good preseason he would become one of the key pieces of the popular squad. The reality, however, is quite different and little by little it has been disappearing from the citations.

Why is Marco Rojas not quoted in Colo Colo?

After the painful defeat against Cobresal, Gustavo Quinteros spoke at a press conference. Instance where he referred to the football moment of the team and answered one of the main doubts of white fans, the absence of Kiwi Rojas.

The coach did not hesitate and pointed out football and physical reasons. “He lost his performance, had an injury, came out of training with a problem and is having a hard time physically. Let’s hope he’s back in his prime to keep considering him”, explained the coach.

To the reasons, delivered by DT, is added the absence that the midfielder will have in the next few days since he was summoned by the coach, Danny Hay, to the New Zealand team for the friendlies against China to be played on the 23rd and 26th of March. Situation that will keep him out of the Cacique’s practices for the next few days.

After the return of the FIFA date, Marco Rojas will have to convince Gustavo Quinteros to win a place in Colo Colo again.

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