Gustavo Quinteros highlights Gabriel Suazo’s commitment and anticipates a possible renewal: “He is very happy, he loves Colo Colo”

The captain of the Cacique is the center of attention due to the interest he has aroused abroad. However, there are great chances that he will renew at Los Albos.

© Agency OneGustavo Quinteros highlights Gabriel Suazo’s love for Colo Colo

Gabriel Suazo’s moment in Colo Colo has aroused the interest of teams in European football. Fenerbahce was one of the clubs that set their sights on the Captain of Colo Colo and, despite the fact that the interest came to nothing due to the recent hiring of Alioski, it is a fact that Gabi has little time left at the Monumental.

However, a renewal can also be given. A few months ago, the Sports Management has been working on contract extensions for players like Brayan Cortés and Suazo himself. And, despite the fact that everything is already signed with the goalkeeper, the same has not happened with the side.

Is that the exit clause appears to be the only detail to agree on. Gabriel Suazo intends to leave, but He does not want to leave the club that formed him and of which he is a fan empty-handedso they are in negotiations to set a clause that is favorable to both parties.

During this Friday, it was Gustavo Quinteros who referred to the news of the left side. In a press conference, the DT pointed out that “when a player has a very good season like Gabriel, Of course there is going to be the possibility that he will emigrate to another football, but today there is no formal offer for him and he is in the process of renewing his contract, just like other players did”.

But in addition, the Cacique technician made it clear that everything is more or less agreed, since, according to his words, “I have no doubt that he is very happy in Colo Colo, he loves this club, he was born here and he will end up fixing the contract. Later, beyond the fact that an offer may arrive, that will be analyzed by him, the club and a decision will be made. Gabriel is very involved in day-to-day football, in matches, in Colo Colo and he is in a great moment, so we hope to count on him to help us achieve our goals”.

Gabriel Suazo and el Popular will face Deportes Antofagasta this Sunday. The commitment is agreed for this Sunday, August 7 at 6:15 p.m. and all the details can be found LIVE and ONLINE through

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