Gustavo Quinteros highlights the Colo Colo youth patrol

Colo Colo returned to triumphs in Chilean soccer, beating the Spanish Union three to two in the Chile Cup, thus achieving their qualification for the final of the contest. The goals of this commitment came from Pablo Solari twice, while the third target was through hefty milestones.

Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image He quickly attended the TNT Sports microphones after the game, where he highlighted the work shown by the younger players due to some modifications he made in the starting eleven for this match.

“We have been playing many games in a row, we lost players due to muscle injuries, fatigue and we don’t want to lose any more. Today we made variations because in some positions we have players at the same level, I knew that the team was not going to suffer. They played very well, we were not precise at the beginning, but we could open it earlier and at the end we also had a lot of space and we couldn’t do it ”.

But that was not all, since he also took advantage of the instance to show his agreement with this new victory of the team. “It leaves me happy to score three goals, it was scored, it was played well, but the most important thing for a team is to generate situations. Then one day you are precise and another day not, the other day we hit the line with Gil, two headers from Jara Morales, the penalty, sometimes is not given. The important thing is that the team generates situations “.

Another of the points that the Cacique’s strategist was consulted was for this classification to the final of the Chile Cup, where he considered that it is an important moment for the club and his career as a coach, despite the fact that he highlighted the salvation game as one of the fundamentals.

“We already won a final, a ‘title’ last season (for relegation), which was one of the most important of my career (smiles). Last year we reached the final of the MX Cup with Tijuana, the club had never reached that stage and after the pandemic we left and did not play it. Now we have reached the final of the Chile Cup ”.

In addition, on this same point, the coach added that “The work gives results, proud of leading these players, we are complying with the club’s project to the letter, the boys respond, we have a lot of Under 21s and we hope to win the title”.

Marcos Bolados Colo Colo Chile Cup

Colo Colo gets his way to the final of the Chile Cup. (Photo: Agency One)

Finally, one of the issues that has generated some complications in the institution is the delay in the reinforcements, which still do not arrive at the Cacique and made the comparison with that match against Universidad Católica in the Super Cup.

“The players had not arrived, Emiliano Amor was missing, who arrived on date 10, Martín Rodríguez did not play as the starter. If you have a team formed since the preseason it would have been different “, Coach Albo concluded.

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