Gustavo Quinteros: "Keeping the top spot is motivating"

In a difficult match in the first half, Colo Colo managed to beat Everton 2-0 thanks to the goals of Maximiliano Falcón and Leonardo Gil in the middle of the second half and after the victory, the coach Gustavo Quinteros placeholder imageHe analyzed what the commitment was and was clear in his way of seeing the commitment.

“It’s a game that we had to solve in the second half. The first half was more even, they did not annul goals, but we did not have the clarity that one wants to open the scoring. After the stopped ball goal, the team let go, made successful transitions and perhaps we were able to score a few more goals, “Quinteros began.

The triumph at the Monumental stadium was doubly valued by the coach, since on the next date Colo Colo will face Universidad de Chile in the Superclásico and also allowed him to take five points ahead of his guards in the standings.

“Not only because of the classic, it gives us encouragement for everything. Maintaining the first place is motivating, the players are committed. If we lose points it will be because an opponent raises something different, something that makes us lose points. But the team will always give the maximum, I know the players and they will all give to increase the difference, “said Quinteros.

Finally, the coach referred to the arrival of the Venezuelan striker Christian Santos and anticipated that it will not be available for the Superclásico.

“He is a player who was on the list, in the end it appeared, in the beginning there were other priorities. I know it, when I worked in the United Arab Emirates I liked to wear it. He has conditions, he can contribute a lot to the team, he can help a lot, he is from the area, he has a header, he wins, he has definition. We look for those characteristics. It is difficult for the U to be there, it must be stopped training inside, but it can help us for the last part where complicated games come to us. It will help us a lot to define within the area “, concluded Quinteros.

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