Gustavo Quinteros praised the youth

During the 2021 season the quarry of Colo Colo he has had a lot of continuity in the first team thanks to the confidence that the coach has given him Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image to the players.

Jeyson Rojas, Daniel Gutiérrez, Bruno Gutiérrez, Bryan Soto, Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz and Luciano Arriagada, little by little they begin to earn their place in the team and were key pieces in the conquest of the Chile Cup.

For the same reason, the Cacique coach trusts that next year more than one will be a figure of the team and valued the game they have had during this season.

The boys from the quarry begin to contribute their own and this year they were fundamental in obtaining the Chile CupIt made a difference and we played the semifinal with them. (Bryan) Soto and (Vicente) Pizarro of starters, you don’t notice that they are 18 or 19-year-old players. (Joan) Cruz entered, the same, Jeyson (Rojas) is now injured, Daniel Gutiérrez is injured and when he played he did very well at the beginning of the tournament and all those who alternated entered did very well and were fundamental, “said Quinteros to ESPN.

I am satisfied and happy with them. I have great faith that next year some of them will be a figure and I hope they continue to grow“added a convinced Quinteros.

This, despite the fact that this season some are already consolidating as team figures such as Rojas and Pizarro.

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