Gustavo Quinteros takes off his hat to Vicente Pizarro: “He is an example for the youth team”

The DT of Colo Colo filled the Kaiser with praise and gave the reasons for his consecration of the 2022 season, in which he grabbed the starting shirt to not let it go anymore.

Gustavo Quinteros takes off his hat to Vicente Pizarro.
© William Salazar.Gustavo Quinteros takes off his hat to Vicente Pizarro.

Without a doubt, Vicente Pizarro is one of the players with the greatest projection of Colo Colo, who this season managed to get a starting shirt in Gustavo Quinteros’ elevenths.

In this consecrated campaign, the 20-year-old midfielder did not miss opportunities that the DT gave him and was one of the great figures of the albosdisputing a total of 28 matches in all competitions, which translates into 1,507 minutes inside the field.

One who referred to the good year that the Kaiser had was precisely the strategist of the Cacique, who in conversation with Todos Somos Técnicos, he showered him with praise and stated that sets it as an example for the other juveniles.

Quinteros takes off his hat

In the first instance, the technical director assured that “Vicho Pizarro is an example that I always put before all the youth of Colo Colo. He came to train with us, we took him to the concentrations, he was left out many times on the trips and I trained more and more. He does the work in the afternoon that he has to do, the injury prevention work, He trains to a hundred every day and there is not a day that he gives up, whether he plays or not“.

Along the same lines, he maintained that “the professional player has to be like that. Has to have that mental strength to be able to become a First Division player and more playing in Colo Colo.

“I say that maybe any of these guys in other clubs can have more possibilities and continuity, but in Colo Colo it is more difficult because it is a fight in the position of two or three players of a very good level and you have to be one hundred percent,” he added.

Finally, Quinteros indicated that talent is not enough to play in the first team. “One as a coach cannot reward, no matter how good a player isputting him to play if you have not previously demonstrated a training or preparation process as an example to be playing in the First Division”, he closed.

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