Gustavo Quinteros values ​​the tie that keeps us as leaders

Colo Colo had a difficult visit to the synthetic Nicolás Chahuán Nazar this day, rescuing a 1-1 equality against Unión La Calera that serves to remain absolute leaders on this 18th date of the 2021 National Championship.

Gustavo Quinteros analyzed his team’s performance against the cement producers, pointing out to TNT Sports after the game that “In the first half we were superior, we generated more to convert and we couldn’t. The first 25 minutes of the second half were not good and they complicated us with long balls and second balls. The draw is fine, they deserved the goal in those minutes ”.

“I highlight coming to play as a visitor to win the game like the entire first half and part of the second, as well as the possibility of staying first. 15 games ago we did not lose and today we did not deserve to lose. I agree, we must continue. If we win the next game, this point will be of much use ”, added.

Finally, he did not forget to hurry for the arrival of reinforcements for the second half of the season, concluding that “We must continue to be leaders and in the market we hope that the players that we talk to the leaders will come.”

The Cacique’s next challenge will be before Cobresal this next Sunday, August 29 from 16:30 at the Monumental Stadium by date 19 of the tournament.

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