Gustavo Quinteros waits for two more players for Colo Colo

Colo Colo fulfilled his duties and crushed Unión Española for the first leg of the Copa Chile semifinals. With this, the albos keep fighting on two fronts to ensure their participation in international tournaments next season.

However, for Gustavo Quinteros some additions are still necessary to make a team that leaves good feelings with its performance even stronger. In a press conference he referred to this issue, although he did not give clues about the options they handle.

“I have already spoken about the players who have to come. I do not intend to refer more to the subject of reinforcements. The sports manager knows that he must incorporate two players. They are in it, with that we will have a stronger team to fight for the Copa Libertadores and the title. Hope they arrive“, on board.

He reiterated that it has no impact on the signings and that “The sports manager is in charge of that, I already said it. One of the reinforcements that arrived, Martín Rodríguez, left. It is not that we are going to reinforce the team, we have to replace a reinforcement that left. And Blandi, Paredes, left at the beginning of the year. We are replacing, not reinforcing ”.

While waiting for new players, the strategist has reached out to the quarry and found alternatives that have given him solutions. However, he insists that he needs a higher hierarchy to buckle his classification to the next Copa Libertadores.

“We had a lot of younger guys play, they are very well, very well worked, we have a great relationship with Ariel Paolorossi who is doing a great job. The players come prepared, we try to perfect them, the tactical part and they respond because the team works. With the boys you win games, but to qualify for the Copa Libertadores and win championships you need to mix with senior players who can replace those who left. The club is trying to specify those options “he explained.

Gustavo Quinteros wants to complete the squad to ensure qualification for the next Copa Libertadores. / PHOTO: Guille Salazar

Likewise, Quinteros praised the incorporation of Emiliano Amor, who has some detractors, but the concrete thing is that he has given solidity to the last line and has been seen in the results.

Amor is a player who not only defends well in the passing game. From the moment he arrived, they made us a single goal with a headstand, against Audax. There are things that one knows as a coach, that’s why he tries to incorporate players with certain characteristics. As a coach you know that, you have experience, beyond what some people can comment. We have corrected or strengthened some characteristic or deficiency that we had with that player, who replaced Insaurralde. We are now trying to incorporate features for other attack situations“, Hill.

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