Gustavo Quinteros wants to continue to death with Colo Colo

No one can deny that Gustavo Quinteros changed Colo Colo’s face at the worst moment in his history. The coach did not care about the Cacique’s position in the table and took the team forward with few resources.

Today Colo Colo is one of the institutions that plays the best in Chile and is reflected in the standings, where Popular is at the top, with a good game and with a large participation of youth.

Today the coach faced the media prior to Sunday’s Superclásico at 4:30 p.m. at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium. A new edition of the duel that paralyzes Chile.

While he spoke of the classic as such, he also had time to respond about a possible renewal. “The truth is that there are intentions from both sides, they already let me know from the club, I also let it be known. I think there will be no problem, both parties are with the same intention, at any time we can agree. My priority is to get as high as possible between now and December and then at any moment we will have a talk with the leaders to continue “, he sentenced.

Finally he added that, “My intention is to continue. To continue giving to a new team, because this is a new team with respect to when it arrives, with many players, to be more competent, stronger each time, to give more possibilities to young players, to try to adapt a scheme or two game systems so that they can arrive in a better way in case of qualifying for an international tournament “.

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