Gustavo Trinchin, an example of struggle: he spent 8 months hospitalized for covid and his neighbors received him with everything

Gustavo Trinchín spent eight months of his life fighting after catching the coronavirus last April. His life changed completely in a couple of months. From attending his lubrication center on a daily basis, he came to be in intensive care and struggled to get ahead.

Gustavo gave an exclusive to the newspaper El Día to relate his most difficult moments. Not long ago he was able to return home to his family but normalcy has not yet fully arrived. His social work pays for a treatment with home hospitalization and thanks to that, every day he is assisted with the doctors and medicines necessary to finish recovering.

From the beginning complications clouded the picture. During the month of April a ballot was inaugurated and he, along with his son and his friends attended with great happiness. A few days later one of them reported that he had been infected and Gustavo swabbed himself as a precaution. The positive result came right away.

His family was marked by the pandemic. Two of her children were infected during this time and her mother-in-law lost her life. In the midst of the sadness for this loss, his wife had to find strength from where she could to support her children and him, who spent two months in intensive care at the Italian Hospital.

He had no symptoms until his fever started to rise and did not go down. On April 18, he and his wife approached the private hospital and immediately admitted him since he could no longer breathe: “They admitted me and I no longer remember anything until I left there.”

After leaving intensive care, he was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic called Imar, in the city of La Plata. He stayed there for six months until a few hours ago he was discharged to continue the treatment at home.

“The kinesiologists helped me to stop. Now I’m with the walker “

On those long and agonizing days, I spent hours in the on-site gym, constantly working with physical therapists and watching television. “I didn’t walk so I was on a bed until I could support my weight and get up,” Gustavo tells El Día daily.

Thanks to his family and the assistance of PAMI, he was able to receive the doses of the coronavirus vaccine within the rehabilitation clinic. With great happiness, he says that on December 11 he will receive the third booster dose at Alejandro Korn.

In the talk, Gustavo was noticed at times excited and at times eager to finish his recovery. Above all, he was very excited and grateful for the support he received from his family. “This woman is worth gold. Susana is a champion with all the letters ”, is the phrase that comes from the bottom of her heart when talking about her life partner who never let it fall.

The most beloved merchant of Olmos, after eight months of struggle, the neighbors received him with great fanfare. Parades, sidewalk meetings and honking were enough to let him know that he was home again.

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