Gwendoline Christie (Wednesday on Netflix): "How to refuse to shoot with Tim Burton? It’s impossible !"

After recently seeing her in Sandman, Gwendoline Christie stars in another original creation from the American streaming platform. This Wednesday, November 23, Netflix added to its catalog, Wednesday, a series directed by the great Tim Burton. The director of the classics Edward Scissorhands or Big Fish tackles the production and design of a television series for the first time and one wonders why he hadn’t thought of it earlier, so much between Tim Burton and The Addams Family, the association is obvious. During the promotion of the fiction, Télé-Loisirs was able to exchange with the one that we also saw in Game Of Thrones or the saga Star Warsaround a round table which was also attended by foreign journalists.

“I loved playing Larissa and all those contradictory elements” tells us Gwendoline Christie

Télé Loisirs: What did you like most about your character?

Gwendoline Christie: What I like most about Larissa Weems is that she is in constant conflict. It is at the same time at the service of the protection and the maintenance of the school, it offers a haven of peace to the pupils and a place where the excluded from society can find refuge. At the same time, she is determined to make the school profitable, prosperous and integrated into the community and society. She is both altruistic, but also serves her own interests. She is a woman who has a lot to prove. She studied at Nevermore Academy and has always been in the shadow of Morticia Addams. Now she’s in charge. I loved playing all these conflicting elements.

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Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Sandman, The Hunger Gamesnow Wednesday… you seem to take real pleasure in acting in projects of the fantasy and science fiction genre. Why such love for this kind of project?

It’s very interesting and very kind of you to say that. Working with brilliant people like George R. Martin on Game Of Throneswith George Lucas, JJ Abrams and Katherine Kennedy on Star Wars or even Neil Gaiman on Sandman, is something you can’t refuse. It’s exactly the same with Tim Burton, how can you refuse to work with him? Impossible. These people trusted me and they believed in me, in what I was capable of giving as an actress. I still can’t believe all the names I just mentioned. I can’t believe how lucky I was. I am lucky that they were able to see in me things that many other people refuse to see, to want to push my limits and feel my potential. In any case, that’s what I felt with Tim Burton, because he left me with total creativity. He wanted to know how I imagined myself in this role.

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“I watched a lot of Alfred Hitchcock movies,” reveals the actress

What did you do to prepare for this role?

To start, I have already discussed with the director of a very good school. I asked him about his experience at his school and his experience with difficult students. She told me there were none in her house. She also said, very interestingly, that the most “difficult” students are often also the most interesting, intelligent and unconventional. I found it very insightful and it gave me a key in the relationship that I had to establish with Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday, for the series. The reason Larissa Weems watches her so much is because she realizes there’s so much potential in her. Wednesday has so many hidden talents and so many layers she hides behind that, when viewed from the outside, one first sees the hostility she has towards others. I was also inspired by one of my very good friends for this role. A friend that I find extremely intelligent, powerful and glamorous. She has such elegance, such grace and such a brilliant strategic mind that she gave me a lot of inspiration. Also, I watched a lot of Alfred Hitchcock movies, like Cold sweat and The birds, and I was inspired by actresses like Tippi Hedren or Kim Novak. I felt like a woman like Larissa, who has been in someone’s shadow all her life, would want to create and project herself into some kind of myth so that she could be recognized and loved.

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How did this happen filming in Romania?

I had never been to Romania before. It’s a region of the world that has always intrigued me. And when Tim Burton told me about the quality of the local craftsmanship and craftsmen, the Romanian artists, painters, sculptors… he was right. Everyone working on set was truly exceptional. Like their job. We worked hard, but there was still a lot of joy, laughter and human warmth. Nothing had prepared me for the exceptional beauty of the Carpathian region. It was mind-blowing to shoot in one of the beautiful period castles in this country. We shot in the fall, the leaves were changing color and it was the most beautiful visual experience to have on location. I don’t think I have witnessed such a landscape of this magnitude before. And I sincerely believe that viewers will discover a landscape that they may have never seen before. I’m sure they will appreciate the beauty of Romania thanks to Tim Burton.

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