GWM reveals details of the Haval H6, SUV with autonomy of 1,000km coming to Brazil

Great Wall Motor, or GWM, promised to “win the heart of the Brazilian consumer”. Now, the Chinese automaker is starting to fulfill its promise by “presenting itself” to Brazil.

She chose the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, to be the stage for the event “tomorrow is on” (Tomorrow is Here, in free translation). Beforehand, however, he detailed in a press conference with Oswaldo Ramos, the brand’s CCO Brasil, not only the innovative technologies that will be incorporated into its cars in Brazil, but also what the Haval H6 will be like, a hybrid SUV with an autonomy of over 1,000km that will start to the manufacturer’s history here.

“A revolution in electrification is coming. We found the ideal energy matrix solution”, bet the executive.

According to Oswaldo Ramos, today the market offers the consumer a combustion car with electric support, which is more efficient, but does not give the driver the “real experience” of driving an electric car.

“In Europe they are buying plug-in hybrid cars running on gasoline. We are going to deliver an electric car with a combustion engine, with a bigger battery and an unprecedented system, the E-Traction”.

According to Oswaldo Ramos, the car was developed to “get the best out of each engine”. That means it will deliver different driving conditions, including electric only, gasoline only, both, gasoline generator to maintain acceleration in electric mode and more.

“It’s a new version, built completely from scratch. The system is so good that what they brought to Brazil will become a global version. It’s the best hybrid plug-in that GWM has ever made”.

How is Haval H6

The plug-in hybrid SUV promises to deliver state-of-the-art technology, exclusive design, combined power of 393 horsepower and a range of over 1,000 kilometers, with an average consumption of approximately 28.5 kilometers per liter in an urban cycle.

In terms of economics, Great Wall displayed a comparison chart with main rivals — Jeep Compass 4xe, Toyota RAV4, Chery Tiggo 8 Pro and Volkswagen Taos. According to the Chinese automaker, while the cost per 100 km varies between BRL 38.62 and BRL 41.49 in competitors, the Haval H6 has an average cost of BRL 17.40 under the same conditions.

The Chinese automaker knows that it will need to be different from the others to stand out in the Brazilian market. That’s why he prepared the Haval H6 especially for the country. In addition to debuting the brand’s new global logo, which was even reduced in size to take up less space in the rear, the SUV will have exclusive items, such as:

  • Exterior finish in piano black: window frames, roof rack, rear spoiler and trim;
  • Plug-in hybrid powertrain consisting of a combustion engine + two electric motors, with a combined power of 393 horsepower;
  • Battery of 34 kWh, with electric autonomy of 170 kilometers in the NBR cycle;
  • 19-inch alloy wheels;
  • Electric seat adjustment;
  • Recalibrated suspension and steering with faster responses;
  • Absence of chrome details (they were replaced by piano black).

Technology will also have exclusive items

The technology of the Haval H6 also promises to be a show of its own and, as well as design details, engine and suspension, will have a package developed exclusively for the local consumer in Brazil.

The SUV will have an infotainment system 100% in Portuguese, including voice commands. The multimedia center will have a 12.3-inch Full HD TFT display with anti-glare treatment and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection.

One of the main novelties, however, which is not yet available, will be the facial recognition system, capable of identifying up to 5 previously registered drivers. The resource will save the preferred settings of each one and, when identifying who is behind the wheel, it will adopt the equivalent configuration.

The Haval H6 prepared by GWM for Brazil will have a package focused on safety and driving aids, consisting of state-of-the-art items, such as:

  • 14 radars;
  • 5 cameras, one of them with 360º vision;
  • Adaptive cruise control with automatic braking;
  • Detector dgere pedestrians, trucks, cars and cyclists. with the equivalent design in the cluster;
  • Voice commands for opening windows, adjusting the air conditioning temperature and more;
  • Semiautonomous driving level 2+;
  • Head-up display with license plate reader;
  • Parking assist;
  • Lane Stay Assistant;
  • Native Internet;
  • Cross traffic alert;
  • goal assistant;
  • Blind Spot Monitor.

The systems update will be OTA (over-the-air) and the application will allow, among other features, to activate the air conditioning, locate the car and even check fuel levels and tire pressure remotely, via smartphone.

GWM will have home delivery of cars in Brazil

Among the many novelties announced by GWM for Brazil, the presence of sales and after-sales representatives in 100% of the national territory stands out, with 28 partners installing themselves in 50 points of sale until the end of the first quarter of 2023. The automaker’s expansion plan foresees that its authorized network will reach 133 points of sale and services, spread over 112 cities, by the second half of 2024.

Regarding services, one promises to make a lot of noise: the home delivery of new GWM cars. According to the Chinese automaker, consumers will be able to opt for an online journey, in the app and on the GWM website; or traditional, at the physical points of the network.

Regardless of the choice, both for acquisition and for the service that will allow the acquisition via subscription of the vehicle, there will be Pick-up & Delivery services in all 5,570 municipalities in Brazil. The idea is to make it possible to deliver or pick up vehicles at home or at any desired address.

“GWM’s new model has the merit of benefiting both the partner and the consumer. On the one hand, the partner will be responsible for an entire region in which he can fully dedicate himself to getting to know his audience and strengthening the relationship with the client. On the other hand, the consumer can receive a more personalized service”, emphasizes Alexandre Oliveira, Senior Head of Sales and Network Development at GWM.

Price and availability of the Haval H6

The exact date for the arrival of the GWM Haval H6 in Brazil was not set by executives during the pompous event in Rio de Janeiro. What was possible to find out is that the cars that will be made available to journalists in the test drive are still prototypes — but already with the changes prepared to run in the country.

The official presentation will only be at the beginning of 2023, between the end of January and the beginning of February, in a closed event on a test track, for the time being kept secret. The automakers’ favorites in Brazil for this type of test are Haras Tuiuti, stage of the Electric Experience in 2022; the Panamerican Circuit, in Elias Fausto; and Velocitá, in Mogi Guaçu.

GWM executives have not disclosed, at least for the time being, what the price for the Haval H6 will be in Brazil. The report of canaltech found out, however, that it will come to the country with a very aggressive price, below R$ 300 thousand, to fight for the market with Volkswagen, Jeep and Toyota. The justification is that if it fights with BYD and Caoa Chery, the brand will be positioned in a very restricted range.

The Haval H6 will be offered in five different colors, all free of charge and unique. The exception will be due to the option — or not — for the panoramic sunroof, but, according to the automaker, not because of the extra amount that will be charged, but for the sake of shielding, as the accessory makes it difficult to carry out.

The Haval H6 will arrive in Brazil imported from China and will soon be produced in the country, perhaps even in a hybrid flex version. The first model to be manufactured in Iracemápolis, however, will be a pickup truck. “As a matter of time, this car is gasoline and importing, but what we believe for the future is the plug-in hybrid flex”.

How is the Haval H6 doing?

The report of canaltech had the opportunity to test the performance of the first Great Wall Motor launch in Brazil this Wednesday (23), exclusively in urban areas, in Rio de Janeiro. The available cars are not yet in their final version, but a new invitation has already been made by Oswaldo Ramos.

“The amusement park will come soon. We are committed. You will drive the car on the track and I can guarantee that the numbers will impress you”, assured the executive.

The first impressions can be seen on Monday (28) at canaltech🇧🇷

Haval H6 GWM


The report of canaltech traveled to Rio de Janeiro at the invitation of Great Wall Motor.

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