Gymnastics made soccer in Abasto and Chirola looks for the eleven

Gymnastics made soccer in Abasto and Chirola looks for the eleven

rodrigo castillo has a great chance to debut /prensagelp

Sebastián Romero began the week of his debut as first division coach with a formal soccer practice in which he showed that he is still testing for the start of the championship, next Friday in Liniers against Vélez. In his search for variants, Chirola tried the entry of the youthful Felipe Sánchez instead of Diego Mastrángelo in defense; Alan Sosa joined the midfield (Maximiliano Comba left in relation to the last friendly) and Rodrigo Castillo came on for Franco Soldano, at the start that perhaps made more noise due to the striker’s experience in a team of kids. It is evident that Sebastián Romero thinks about the present and taking advantage of moments, hence the variants.

Thomas Durso; Guillermo Enrique, Leonardo Morales, Felipe Sánchez, Matías Melluso; Tomás Muro, Ignacio Miramón, Alan Sosa; Eric Ramírez, Rodrigo Castillo and Benjamín Domínguez were the starters in morning practice at Estancia Chica. A flexible 4-3-3, with Ramírez accompanying the center forward who is more closed than Benjamín Domínguez on the left. And a flexibility that can allow a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1 with Alan Sosa turned against the right.

Who are the entrants to the starting lineup?

Felipe Sánchez is a center marker born in Rafaela. Category 2004, he arrived at the club in 2021 and is a fan of Gymnastics because his father is Antonio Sánchez Astrolog, a striker for the club between 1984 (a member of the promotion squad) and 1987. Later, fate marked Defensores de Cambaceres and Atlético Rafaela . Finally, in that city the native of Brandsen formed his family.

Unlike his father, Felipe chose to defend but nevertheless in this preseason he scored 3 goals in the victories against Instituto and Montevideo City Torque, both 3-1. He is 1.84m tall. and he made his debut last year in reserve at the hands of Chirola and now he is fighting with Mastrángelo for a place in the starting lineup no less than for the start of the championship.

For his part, Alan Sosa is a category 2003 midfielder, from La Plata, who can play both internally and externally. Sebastián Romero decided to take him to the first preseason due to his good performances in reserve even without being a professional (similar case to that of Felipe Sánchez) and his good level has led the leadership to offer him the signing of the first contract, beyond his debut or not next Friday. In reserve, he converted 2 goals in 22 games played in the last League.

The best known of the three is Rodrigo Castillo. Because he is bigger, because of the name he earned with his goals in reserve and at Deportivo Madryn, during the loan in the First National. However, if he plays on Friday it would also be his debut in the blue and white jersey. The 23-year-old from Santa Fe (Venado Tuerto, 2-26-1999) started at Sportivo Rivadavia in his small town and Ignacio Scocco’s father discovered him and took him to River Plate, where he was coached by Gabriel Perrone. He was released from the millionaire and ended up in Unión de Santa Fe, where he could hardly show himself and at the beginning of 2021 he arrived at Gymnastics. “Being in Chirola’s reserve made me grow a lot, he trained very intensely and I noticed the improvement in my game,” Castillo told this medium a couple of months ago, when the 12 goals in Madryn had positioned him well for a return to the wolf Today, that return is a reality thanks to his reserve coach and despite the fact that Lanús probed in recent days for a possibility of taking him on loan. Castillo will be one of the offensive cards of the squad. He fights with Franco Soldano for a place in the team to play against the blue V.

The Albiazul coaching staff has given chances to show themselves to the entire squad, be it in the starting lineup, for the substitutes or in the third team that allowed Castillo and Alan Sosa this opportunity in the first division, since they both played in that alternative team in the friendly against Villa San Carlos. Youth players like Diego Mastrángelo or Alan Lescano and established players like Franco Soldano and Maximiliano Comba started in friendlies and also have chances to appear in the first team of the year.

Just tomorrow Gymnastics will do some kind of work (be it a new soccer practice or a tactician) that allows confirmations for the first official team of the year. On Thursday the squad will train in the afternoon and will be concentrated in Abasto awaiting the debut and that same afternoon Chirola would speak at a press conference, prior to his great challenge.

Rodrigo Castillo returned from Madryn and has the chance to debut in the first of the Wolf

Felipe Sánchez is the son of former player Antonio Sánchez Astrolog. He is 2004 and plays as center back

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