Gymnastics very close to adding its first two reinforcements

Everything is practically agreed for the return of Pablo De Blasis / Web

Countdown in Gymnastics to close the reinforcements once and for all. The sights are set on being able to repatriate two footballers, Paul DeBlasis Y Marcelo Weigandtwhich have the approval of Nestor Gorosito to join the professional team. And it is estimated that in the next 24 hours Pipo finally could have two new faces.

As to by blasisWord is everything is very advanced. The footballer rejected offers to continue playing in Europe and his wish is to put on the Lobo shirt again after 10 years.

The meeting between the leadership and the soccer player’s representative was finally moved to today, where the contract numbers will be agreed, which in principle would last 18 months.

Later, there will be the issue of terminating his link with Cartagena of Spain. He has a contract there until June 30, and if by blasis I would like to start training now, I couldn’t. That is why a way will be sought to speed up times and Pablo can leave the Spanish club at this time.

The other issue is the one on the right side that you asked for gorosito. He signed up to Chelo Weigandtwhich in Boca is relegated and knows that it will not have continuity.

The footballer himself gave the go-ahead to return to Lobo, so now it will be the Xeneize Professional Football Council that will decide. Gymnastics made a last offer for a loan with a charge, beyond that in Boca they only wanted to sell.

At this time they are evaluating what they will do, since Independiente and Rosario Central were also interested in the right-wing marker.

But in the Wolf they stood firm and established tomorrow as a free date. If Boca does not answer on Friday, from Saturday Weigandt won’t be interested Moreover, the Tripera leadership will seek to close with another footballer.

It is that by dilating so much the cello, on Calle 4 they looked for a Plan “B”. This is the footballer from Lanús, Leonardo Di Placidowho in this contest has known how to play as a starter in the First Division, and in other matches integrate the bank.

As it turned out, there were contacts between the albiazul and maroon managers, and the agreement would be word of mouth. Obviously in Lanús they know that Say Placido is Plan “B” in this story, and that the chosen one and number “one” is Marcelo Weigandt.

But they also know that time is running out and in the Wolf they set tomorrow’s day as the waiting limit.

Consequently, if this Friday Boca responds “no” to the Mens Sana proposal, Gimnasia will automatically seal as reinforcement to Say Placido.

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