Habeck’s ministry warns against last-minute purchases of oil and gas assets

The installation ban on new gas and oil heating systems is to apply from 2024. The planned project by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck is currently causing a real run on the soon to be banned “goods”, which is why the Federal Ministry of Economics is now warning of knee-jerk reactions.

“Simply sticking to oil and gas for as long as possible can be significantly more expensive in the long term than switching to climate-friendly heating in the next few years,” said Parliamentary State Secretary Stefan Wenzel to “Zeit Online”.

And further: “You shouldn’t make a hectic decision now to have an oil or gas heating system installed again while it’s still possible.” Is that enough to get people to rethink?

“We have been noticing the high demand for months”

On the part of the manufacturers, the desire for new gas and oil heating systems is reflected in the books. “We have been noticing the high demand for months. Gas and oil sales are skyrocketing. If you ban the Germans from something, they will definitely buy again,” says Frank Ebisch, spokesman for the Central Association for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning.

And he adds: “What we didn’t expect is that there are people who are canceling their orders for the heat pumps because they want to wait and see whether the subsidy is even higher.”

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