Habemus second part: the crossover of Dragon Ball and El Chavo del 8 returns with the action of new characters

We were aware of the first version. Regarding this crossover between dragon ball and El Chavo del 8 we warned you that it was an illustration that we did not know we needed. And it is that when seeing the details and coming across character references, in some cases hidden, turned out to be quite amusing.

Now, knowingly, the second part has arrived. There is a new version of the crossover between these two iconic series that many of us grew up with.

The great thing about this unexpected union made by the fanArt @Jero0601 (Instagram account) is that it brings together two series that have transcended different generations.

The content creator’s first post has a Mr. Belly like Android 19. Gained weight and with his typical appearance of a collection man, he has the inscription of the Red Patrol in his work briefcase.

While Doctor Gero is interpreted, as we have seen before, under the skin of Don Ramón.

On the other hand is El Chavo, who appears with an expression on his face very similar to Goku’s. While Kiko comes out with his hand in his mouth, just like Gero did to Yamcha to take away his energy and go through him the first time they went out.

The second part of the crossover between El Chavo del 8 and Dragon Ball

For this second part it has been more difficult to identify the new characters, but we are going to try. Overall, it’s time to have some fun with this type of publication that we find wonderful.

The simplest is that of Ñoño as Majin Buu, and to his right the evil Witch of 71 as Babidi (or Uranai Baba?).

Behind the son of Mr. Barriga is Jirafales like Dábura and Doña Florinda who seem to have expressions similar to Vegeta’s.

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