Had to beg the girlfriend not to propose on TV

The bloggers and Shall we dance: all stars profile Martine Lunde has never been low-key in her desire for her boyfriend Aleksander Sæterstøl to propose.

It has received so much attention that courtship and wedding became the theme of Lunde’s dance in Skal vi danse: all stars:

– Would have appreciated if it didn’t happen

When it became clear that her boyfriend would be joining the dance and proposal vibes were in the air, however, Lunde felt compelled to have a serious talk with her roommate and really put her foot down.

– I said in advance when I found out about the topic, that I would have appreciated if it didn’t happen, Lunde tells TV 2.

The well-known influencer feared a proposal in prime time in front of the whole of Norway.

– It’s mostly because I want a proposal to be more private. I understand if people want to take it in public as well, but that varies from person to person, she says.

That’s why she wants to keep the courtship private

Aleksander Sæterstøl and Martine Lunde met when the two participated in the reality series Paradise Hotel in 2017.

In half a year, the couple can celebrate six years as lovers. During these years, the duo has taken part in a number of different TV series, and they have let people get very close to them in the TV 2 series Bloggerne and Sofa.

That is one of the reasons why Martine did not want a proposal on live TV.

– It is precisely because we have shared and share so much all the time. A proposal is one of the greatest things one can experience, and I would have appreciated that if it had been private, says the influencer.

– If there were people present, I would probably have appreciated that it was our nearest and dearest, and not something we shared with the whole of Norway, Lunde laughs.

When TV 2 spoke to Sæterstøl last week, it was clear that he had taken note of Lunde’s heartfelt wish.

– I think maybe I’ll find somewhere a little different from the parquet, Sæterstøl said confidentially.

After Saturday’s Skal vi danse: all stars broadcast, it turned out to be something completely different from courtship, when Martine and dance partner Tarjei Svalastog had to settle for the competition.

Will not marry in the next few years

Still, the question remains – will there be a proposal soon?

– I hope that it happens sometime in the future, but also at his pace. It’s not like I want to get married this year or next. It’s not something I stress about, she says.

The well-known influencer also says that she has not laid down any guidelines for how it should proceed, especially now that she has released a very public proposal.

– I think that if it happens, it should be a surprise. So the rest is entirely up to “Aleks”, concludes Lunde.

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