Haitian migrant exodus is a region-wide issue: Duque

From New York, the President Iván Duque spoke about the sinking of a migrant boat and he assured that it is not an issue only for Panama and Colombia, asking for cooperation from the entire region. He also showed concern over the denunciation of US diplomats in Bogotá with the “Havana syndrome”

At the close of President Iván Duque’s visit to the United States, the president reacted to the shipwreck in Necoclí with 21 immigrants mostly Haitians who were trying to cross to Panama to reach the United States through Central America.

Assured that All the countries of the Western Hemisphere must act against this problem.

“I believe that this is no longer an issue only for Colombia and Panama. The situation that Haitian migrants are experiencing is much greater. We are talking about a country that comes from a natural disaster Like an earthquake, it also comes from the effects of the pandemic, it has a seriously affected economic section and high levels of unemployment, “said President Duque.

He again stated that will ask the Biden administration to have clarity in the message to Haitian immigrants about the asylum that some might receive in the American Union.

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“In such a way that it is not understood by them that it is a kind of blank check for all migrants who arrive in North American territory because it is not like that, and suddenly there are people who have tried to sell that idea, trying to capture rents promoting illegal migration, “said Duque.

Likewise, the president commented on the officials of the US embassy in Bogotá who had contracted the Havana syndrome.

“This is an issue that has to be referred to the US authorities, because it is about United States personnel in Colombia“added the president.

On the investigation by the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guiadó to the Colombo-Venezuelan petrochemical company Monómeros, for alleged irregularities in its operation, the president Duque supported the management to improve the performance of the Barranquilla-based company.

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