Half of Brazilians have suffered from mental exhaustion, says survey

Half of Brazilians have already experienced a situation of mental exhaustion for more than one day in a row or know someone at home who has faced the situation, according to the Datafolha Mental Health of Brazilians 2022 survey. Women are the majority in the group, representing 57% of respondents who declared having gone through moments of extreme stress.

Commissioned by the Brazilian Association of Family, Friends and People with Affective Disorders (Abrata), the survey is part of the Bem Me Quer, Bem Me Quero Campaign: Caring for Mental Health is a Daily Exercise, which marks the actions of Yellow September, a month dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention.

The interviews were conducted between the 2nd and 13th of August this year, with 2,098 face-to-face interviews with people aged 16 and over, living in 130 municipalities in the five regions of the country.

About 53% of the participants responded that they had gone through a period of tiredness and emotional imbalance, which was followed by a feeling of physical and mental exhaustion that lasted for more than a day, or they reported living with someone who felt it.

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Psychiatrist Fernando Fernandes, physician partner of Abrata, draws attention to the state of mental health of young adults. In the age group between 16 and 24 years, 63% experienced situations of stress and fatigue for more than one day.

“The most recent portrait of Brazilian mental health reveals a perception of exhaustion and emotional suffering. It is necessary to look at the reasons, but also to propose measures to change this scenario”, evaluates Fernandes.

Covid-19 pandemic

Eight out of ten Brazilians said that moments of anguish and anxiety intensified during the last two and a half years, in the Covid-19 pandemic, compared to previous periods.

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