Halle Berry enjoyed a painful redemption in ‘Wound’

Juan Carlos García / Reform

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 | 09:51

Mexico City.- Faced with a prominent future in mixed martial arts, Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) threw in the towel like no other fighter.

She is also financially bankrupt, hooked on drinking and has a toxic relationship with her manager, Desi DeMarco (Adan Canto), who never stops looking for the opportunity to get Jackie back in the cage.

And, as if that were not enough, little Manny (Danny Boyd Jr.) appears on the scene, whom the protagonist left with her previous partner.

Herida (Bruised), which premieres on Netflix this Wednesday, is an intense and painful drama that required the 55-year-old Oscar-winning star to get into spectacular physical shape and literally fight a battle with the producers to direct it.

“Since I had the script by Michelle Rosenfarb, I discovered that there was a story with very strong potential to stand out, to penetrate, to reach the heart of the viewer, and I was not wrong, because Jackie is an emblem of dignity and resilience.

“In a female-dominated film landscape, I felt very fortunate to be able to fight to the last to direct it, and it was sensational. Jackie is power and she is subtlety, she is fragility and she is dominance. We are nothing alike, but she put me in the right place. position to give it a contribution with a feminine view, with feminine logic, “said Berry.

Although it had its world premiere last year at the Toronto Film Festival, its release was postponed to integrate it into the presentation strategy heading into awards season.

His work, according to some international specialized media, puts Berry back on the radar in search of a possible Oscar or Golden Globe.

“This film was an absolute pleasure, because of the meeting that took place with Halle and all that it entailed in her directorial debut. It has a lot of precision and, above all, a lot of drive to achieve key moments in the making of the characters,” says Canto , Mexican actor who has appeared in the American industry with series such as The Following, Narcos or Designated Survivor.

In the film, Jackie gets a new opportunity to appear again, but must break with everything that is dragging her to the bottom. At the same time, she must rebuild herself and build a bridge with little Manny, who needs her more than ever.

Amid the inner drama of the central character, the fight sequences are simply extreme.

“I think that each of the characters around is bringing the dramatic story to life, without exaggeration, in a raw and strong, real way. I feel that he has a very appropriate handling of the action scenes, the movement around the fights and everything. what this entails, “said Canto.

“I will always see Jackie as a reference in my career, because she has no similarity with any other character, and if I say it in a forceful way, it is the first that I give shape with my perspective, with my construction, always supported with my team, but with my decision, “added Berry.

Finally, the coin is about to be released, it will be exhibited in 240 countries thanks to the platform, but the most significant thing for its director is that Herida was a team achievement.

“Not only for me, but for the entire community of women who fought to make it and who managed to play leading roles in different areas. I don’t think it’s from a female film.”

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