Hallzerk finished in Dignitas: – The faster I start again the better

After several disappointing results, Dignitas decided on Tuesday night to end the collaboration with its CS: GO team. The team line-up, which among other things consisted of the experienced stars Patrick “f0rest” Lindberg and Adam “friberg” Friberg, also housed one of Norway’s best players.

Håkon «hallzerk» Fjærli joined the Swedish veteran team that reunited the majority of the legendary Ninjas In Pajamas team. Together with the icon Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and Richard “Xizt” Landström, Fjærli was the rising star who was to help take Dignitas back to the top. Unfortunately, it did not go that way.

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After a short time, Alesund and Landström left the project, which also did not get new blood in the form of, among others, Norwegian Haris “HARR3” Hadžić.

Did not come as a shock

Despite solid one-man performances by “hallzerk” throughout their stay in Dignitas, the Swedish-Norwegian team never managed to crack the code. Fjærli admits that it came as no great surprise when Dignitas announced that they did not want to continue investing in the team.

– Of course not particularly fun to get such a message, but honestly it did not come as the world’s biggest surprise. We as a team have not performed well enough for our caliber.

Optimistic for the future

When asked about the future, the young shopkeeper is positive.

– I’m thinking of switching games to Valorant to become a professional there. No, I will continue to work hard in Counter-Strike, and hopefully I get an offer where I believe we can be a good team. Is more motivated than ever to drive on.

Despite an eagerness to get started again, Fjærli emphasizes that no hasty decisions will be made about his next team.

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– The faster I start again, the better. Will in any case carefully consider which project I am jumping on – have no faith in hastening such processes.

It is also not impossible that several of the current players in the team will continue the collaboration.

– It is absolutely possible, there are four very good players I have played with so I have not minded continuing with one or more of them.

Does not exclude a Norwegian team

Fjærli, who back in 2017 played for an all-Norwegian Nordavind team, together with, among others, Haakon «radifaction» Tholo and Erik «truth» Hansen Dyrnes, has since 2018 only played in international mixed teams. However, he does not rule out that he will consider a new all-Norwegian team line-up.

– All teams and opportunities are up for consideration. As long as I have a threat on the lineup and you have the framework around that allows you to chase the dream, it does not matter which country the players are from.

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